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    Twitterverse Mourns David Carradine

    Rainn Wilson Twitter Page

    Well, at least the older famous people populating the Twitterverse are in mourning. Like The Office's Rainn Wilson who eulogizes "R.I.P. David Carradine. You were a true hero to so many of us children of the 70s. We'll miss you, Kwai Chang Caine."

    Rob Thomas has changed his Twitter background to honor the late actor and wrote, "wow. david carradine died last night. heavy. thanx for the ride, grasshopper."

    Kirstie Alley sent her well-wishes to his family: "David Carradine has passed away.he is a friend of mine and this is a shocking way to learn of his passing..David, you will be missed..Love,K...To David's family and children..we love you and we are here for you...David, wild man of the universe? I salute you......"

    Meanwhile MC Hammer kept it short: "Pause.... David Carradine Thanks for the memories..(RIP)"

    As for everyone else, life goes on...

    • Ashton Kutcher is coming to the rescue of Yahoo just like he did for Twitter: "The NFL players association is trying to charge yahoo for fantasy football stats & profiles. That's insane! I got your back yahoo." New media superhero, this guy.

    Someone tried to sabotage Dita Von Teese with fat things: "ordered the 'healthy breakfast' from room service.Egg whites.Great. But who's the joker who put this big flaky croissant on my tray too?!?!"

    Ugh, nice restaurants are the worst, right, Demi Lovato? "Fancy restaurants suck. I'm getting a burger when I get back to my room. Praise the Lord for room service."

    Speaking of Lovato, her Twittermance with Miley Cyrus' older brother Trace is getting serious: "@ddlovato haha its 3:30 in japan & im still awake. but i blame you! cause i cant get U off my mind! im forcing myself to sleep NOW! night <3" Can't you kids just DM each other so we don't have to read this?

    Just because Spencer is being truly awful with all this unnecessary I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! nonsense doesn't mean that his sis Stephanie Pratt is just as bad (except that she is): "I am not my brother.Besides the fact that we share a sarcastic sense of humor we are complete opposites.So enough is enough.Im tired of this"

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