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Weeds Star Mary-Louise Parker Talks Love Among the Drug Lords

Mary-Louise Parker AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Brace yourselves, Weeds fiends.

Season five of the drug dramedy premieres this Monday at 10 p.m. on Showtime, and not only have we seen the first three incredible episodes, we also just had the opportunity to chat with Ms. Mary-Louise Parker, the pot-dealin' mama herself.

MLP dished about everything the fifth season of Weeds has to offer, and in fact, she gave us so much juicy goodness, we're giving you your Weeds fix in two parts. Today's installment includes all the baby-daddy drama you can handle, with a side order of Nancy-Andy action...

Keep reading to find out if Nancy and Esteban are in love in part one of our exclusive with Mary-Louise...

If These Uterine Walls Could Talk: Talk about a stressful pregnancy! Nancy is in fact with child, but she spends her first few days back for season five deeply (and destructively) in denial, especially after being outed by Esteban as the rat. "I think she has a lot of inherently male characteristics, like when a man's wife gets pregnant, and they go out and do crazy stuff in denial," Mary-Louise says of Nancy's whiskey, sushi and cigarette binge. "I wanted it to go further, like have her do a line of cocaine."

Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker, Demian Bichir Sonja Flemming/Showtime

It's a Boy! Nancy's maternal instincts we correct: It felt like a boy because it is a boy! Mary-Louise made casual mention of what we'd all hoped to be true, for Nancy's sake: She's giving Esteban a male child. But don't think that means smooth sailing between Nancy and her baby daddy. The first few episodes have Esteban asserting control over the situation, but "Nancy takes back her power at a certain point. We're on [episode] nine right now, and it's a power struggle, back and forth," explains MLP. "In some ways she has this thing over his head—she's carrying his son, which is just about the only thing she could have that would [save] her."

N+E=True Love? Could Nancy and Esteban be in a loving relationship for the long haul? Says Mary-Louise, "Nancy spends much of this season negotiating that relationship, because right now she has two kids [of her own] and [she and Esteban] don't live together. It couldn't be more complicated, right? Their moments together are really fraught with all of that." But don't count out the L word just yet. Says Mary-Louise, "There are a couple of nice moments, and I think in those moments we see that they actually care for each other. He's the first person she's really cared about since her husband died." But leave it to Nancy to ef things up. "It's just like everything else she does—it turns into a mess. That's who she is as a person. Even if she was given something uncomplicated, she would probably mess it up." Point-blank: Is it love? From Mary-Louise's mouth to your ears, "I think so, yeah."

Justin Kirk, Weeds Sheryl Nields/Showtime

Is Andy's Love Eternally Unrequited? Fingers crossed for a no, but nothing too serious with Nancy yet. "Some of the best moments for me so far have been with Andy (Justin Kirk), because that relationship is more defined. With Esteban, it's so messy and all over the place, partly because they do care for each other," says MLP. "Andy is just so bittersweet because she loves him, but maybe not in the way he loves her, but maybe a little bit." Fret not, because it sounds like some amazing stuff is coming up for everyone's favorite uncouple. Says Mary-Louise, "What Justin does that is so amazing is be hilariously funny and heartbreaking at the same time. You really see that this season more than ever. He has a scene in episode four that made me cry." Ahhh, what happens?! "Their relationship comes more into the forefront. It really goes somewhere, and they're a big part of each other's lives, but I'm not supposed to tell why. He takes on a really big role." Could Andy possibly be the father? "That would be awesome...but no." Bummer! But if you're looking for something between Nancy and Andy, do keep an eye out for episode four, and then again after episode nine. "There's a scene that Justin said, if we do it right, it's going to make TV history. That's a pretty good tease, right? There's a kind of inadvertent, intimate moment that hopefully will be funny and a little bit perverse."

Kate del Castillo Jean-Paul Aussenard/Getty Images

Cruella De Vil Incarnate: Think Esteban is top dog? Think again. Mary-Louise tells us that even he has a boss, and she comes in the form of a lovely lady, actress Kate del Castillo, who sticks around for quite a while. "Her power trumps Esteban's. And she does not like Nancy at all," Mary-Louise says. "Nancy's wondering what's going to happen to her because this woman has a lot of power to destroy both of them—everyone really."

Music Video Vixen: If you can't wait until Monday's premiere for your Mary-Louise fix, you have to check her out in the new music video for "Listen to the Darkside" from up-and-coming indie singer-songwriter, Charlie Mars. Not only is the song great, but Mary-Louise makes a gorgeous cameo, which just makes it that much better. How'd this musician score the fabulous Mary-Louise for the video? Someone took her to his concert, and the rest is history. "We all had a good time, and the director was amazing. Somehow he managed to make a really lovely video out of hardly any footage. It looks natural and pretty, and I love the song. You can't stop singing it once you hear it."

For more Weeds fabulosity, including Celia's Mexico whereabouts and Silas and Doug's medicinal marijuana venture, be sure to check back next Friday for part two of our chat with Mary-Louise.



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