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    Paris Spills On "Possible" Summer Wedding

    Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

    Last time we checked in with Paris Hilton's man-toy, Doug Reinhardt, he told us there was no secret engagement with his beloved Pare-poo.

    But our well-placed Hilton sources insisted that a summer wedding between P & D was still on—for now.

    So what did Ms. Hilton herself say when we asked her if wedding bells would be ringing like we hear they are so set to do in August?

    At the MTV Awards, the thin-but-not-too-thin rich bitch started giggling and looked at Doug, attached to her arm: "You know, we'll see. If things go the way they are…Let's just say I've never been happier. You never know."

    Weird thing here, folks, is we totally believe her. Paris seriously looks happier with this guy than any one of her other fiancés or boyfriends. I mean, come on: With Paris Latsis it was like she was with her brother, and with Benji Madden it was like she was with her…weird cousin.

    But the real tell-tale sign is that Doug just seems so wrong—that he's actually totally perfect for her!

    He's got money, so it's not like he's needs a Hilton allowance. He still gives Paris the upper hand like she needs in relayshs, ya know—since he's jobless he can be at her beck 'n' call and help out with My New BFF, where he's now following her to Dubai to film there.

    Plus, both Paris and Doug have been with everyone else in Hollywood. Maybe they have the sluttiness out of their systems? We give our A.T. blessing, even if others are hesitant to. It's a match made in ho-heaven!