Over the past five seasons we have learned a great deal about beets, Battlestar Galactica and mustard-colored, short-sleeved button-up shirts—more than we ever really thought we could, and more than can possibly be natural—and we owe all that newfound wisdom to one man and one man alone: Dwight K. Schrute.

(The K. stands for Kurt—just in case you'd forgotten.)

Since NBC compiled its five favorite Dwight-isms, as we here at Team WWK like to call them, we thought we'd pass them along for your enjoyment. Plus, we have months and months to fill until the new season, so why not?

In fact, we have so many top Schrute moments in our heads, we're giving you the chance to sound off on the best stuff that didn't make the cut. So check out NBC's Dwight countdown, then let us know what you think in the poll...

Our Favorite Dwight Schrute Moments
Make your Schrute picks below:

Any other Dwight highlights you'd like to recall? Maybe that time when he helped a sobbing Pam through her "PMS"? Post your Dwight favorites in the comments!

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