Tone Loc

Trish Tokar/Getty Images

Maybe Tone Loc had a little too much of that funky cold medina.

The "Wild Thing" rapper was hospitalized overnight in Florida after collapsing during a gig at a Pensacola Beach hot spot.

Per the Pensacola News Journal,  the 43-year-old MC, whose real name is Anthony Terrell Smith, was into the sixth song of his set shortly after midnight at the Capt'n Fun Beach Club when he passed out onstage. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene and he was taken by ambulance to Gulf Breeze Hospital. He was released this morning.

Team Tone chalked up the fainting spell to jet lag and heat-related exhaustion.

"Leading up to the show, Tone had flight problems including long layovers," manager Bobby Bessone said in a statement. "It took him about 12 hours to get to Pensacola from Burbank. Tone was exhausted and very hot onstage, and became ill because of it."

Temperatures were reported to be in the low 80s with humidity at 87 percent.

Aside from scraping his elbow during his fall, the rapper is feeling A-OK and discussing make-up dates with the club's owners.

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