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Are Audrina and Chris Totally Random? Not Exactly

Chris Pine, Audrina Patridge Dominique Charriau/Getty Images; Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Now, before you all keep ranting about how superhottie Chris Pine is totally ruined now that he's hooked up with a Hills gal like Audrina Patridge, we feel like we have to clear the air a bit and tell ya that it's really not that weird.

Not completely.

See, we're told that Chris and Audrina have had mutual pals for a while. When Chris was first starting out in the Biz, circa the Lindsay Lohan Just My Luck era, we hear that he may have been acquaintances with Brian Drolet. Don't feel bad, we couldn't remember who that was either at first, but if you remember back to season one of The Hills, he was one of the guys who was set up on the "reality" show with Ms. Patridge. (Side note: Look how different all these girls look back in this season, it's unreal.)

But that's not all…

Chris and Aud also currently share some of the same management, we hear. Smelling PR stunt here? Think again.

Pairing up a rising legit movie star like Star Trek's Pine with a reality starlet is so not good managing, now is it? So you can cross that theory off your list.

If these handlers were smart right now, they would be trying to get Chris together with a gal of equal talent stature. Say a hot polished babe-barracuda like Natalie Portman! You know, some chick who'd truly know what to do with Pine, not just his abs and rep. Nat may have the same multiguy rep like Audrina does, but N.P. is A-list, darlings. And a class act.

So we wouldn't be surprised if Pine's handlers put the kibosh on his gallivanting around with Ms. Patridge and, like, soon! Let us pray…

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder