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• Miley Cyrus' 20-year-old brother, Trace Cyrus, is on tour with his band, Metro Station, and doing all the kinds of things you expect the rebel Cyrus to do when he's a gazillion miles from his family: "So yeah. Beer is gross to me. Even Japanese beer. But I opened it so I must finish! Plus it's legal to drink here! So why not? Right." He's also diggin' the locals: "Japanese girls... Agh!! God must of felt very giving when making you. As my old man would say.. Can I get a amen!?"

If Denise Richards' hair color is looking a bit off, here's why: "my house has copper daughters hair and mine is turning green..we've tried everything."

• Christina Applegate doesn't write often, but when she does, it's a burst of joy and sweetness: "Rode on the back of a scooter through a very busy and beautiful city last night. It was thrilling. How is everyone today?"

• Martha Stewart has some interesting neighbors: "This Baby Camel was born down the street from me yesterday at my friends the Steinharts."

• Jon Favreau is rather proud of his Iron Man 2 casting: "Scarlett [Johansson] kicked ass yesterday. All of her preparation has really paid off. She has a great work ethic. A real pro."

• Danny Masterson wants to be a casting director: " Can someone please make a movie starring Tina Fey and bonnie hunt! Id pay 2 watch them drink coffee 2gether......"

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