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Next Chapter in the Epic Romance of Paris & Doug: Parents Meet

Paris Hilton,  Doug Reinhardt Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Paris Hilton was ecstatic last night at the Fragrance Foundation's FiFi Awards in NYC for more reason than one.

In addition to being honored for Celebrity Fragrance of the Year, her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, were meeting boyfriend Doug Reinhardt's mother, Kelly Roberts, for the very first time.

"This is their first time meeting," Paris told E! News backstage. "I've been on many trips with his family. I love his mom and dad. They're amazing…His mom flew all the way out here just for me because she wanted to see me receive this award."

Apparently, the installment of Meet the (über-wealthy) Parents went rather well…

"My mom and her love each other," she gushed. "They're so much alike, which is really cool. They're getting along and talking…My dad is like his dad and my mom is like his mom, so it's really funny to see them to together and to see how well they like each other. I love it. We're definitely going to have a nice dinner when we get home and definitely hang out."

Alas, just because the 'rents are bonding doesn't mean a wedding is around the corner. According the lady of the hour, there's simply no time.

"We're in Dubai to shoot my BFF show, and then I have my album coming out, so I don't even know how I would have time to plan something like that," she laughed.

One thing the happy couple won't be doing anytime soon is appearing on The Hills, where most of the world first met frozen-burrito heir Reinhardt. For one thing, his leading lady scored him a producer gig on the Dubai edition of her BFF show. But more importantly, he's so over it.

"The show is, like, so lame and fake," Hilton said. "They portray him in a way he's not, and they make up relationships that are not there. He just thinks it's lame. I've never seen the show in my life, so I have no idea what it's about, but he just thought it was cheesy."

Reinhardt is, however, excited about the way he and his woman live their lives…all the way down to those dirty, dirty dancing pics.

"Who hasn't had fun and danced with someone at a club?" he told E! News on the red carpet. "When it comes to cameras always pointed in your direction, one is bound to get that one picture…People want to say we're doing bad stuff, but no! We're having fun, we're in love, we're young. There's not one person that's our age that's not doing the same thing. That's what people need to understand, that we have lives too."

Hilton shared his sentiments.

"Everything I do, I'm very proud of," she said toward the end of the evening. "I feel like I've really grown up in the past couple years, and I'm just excited with the person I've become and how I've grown as a woman. Nothing really bothers me anymore."


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