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    Terri Seymour Seeks Restraint From "Brazen and Deranged" Attacker

    Terri Seymour Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

    UPDATE: Seymour's request for a three-year restraining order was granted June 16.

    Simon Cowell's ex is hoping to get a little extra security against her American Idol attacker.

    Terri Seymour filed for a restraining order against 33-year-old Janice Thibodeaux in Los Angeles County Court Wednesday, claiming that the woman, who faces charges of misdemeanor battery and assault for attempting to choke Seymour last Tuesday, is likely to attack again.

    In the document, Seymour says that she was "viciously assaulted" by Thibodeaux, who has since "sought publicity for her wrongful act and stated to the media that they were intentional and that she does not regret them."

    Seymour is asking that Thibodeaux stay 100 yards away from her home, place or work and car and pony up in excess of $10,000 to cover her attorney fees.

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    Oddly enough, Seymour also requests that the woman be barred from Seymour's child's school and care center, despite the fact that she has no offspring.

    In the wake of her arrest, Thibodeaux spoke to Radar Online, saying she attempted to strangle Seymour as a way to exact revenge on Cowell, who had playfully pretended to choke Paula Abdul on the show earlier that night.

    Seymour says in her petition that she worries Thibodeaux "will again assault and further harass" her.

    The Extra correspondent again recounted her attack in the court papers, saying the Idol fan shadowed Seymour for 10 minutes as she exited the Nokia Theatre before launching her assault. Seymour says Thibodeaux "attacked from behind, putting her into a headlock, wrenching her neck and choking her with the full force of her 200-pound frame."

    The incident played out "in full view of the public and police," says Seymour, but their presence "did not deter Thibodeaux, and her acts were brazen and deranged." Cops quickly subdued Thibodeaux and took her into custody—not a moment too soon for Seymour.

    "[I] could have been seriously injured or killed," she states.

    A hearing on the restraining order has been scheduled for June 16. Thibodeaux's arraignment on the charges is set for June 4.

    —Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum


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