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My Boys' Jordana Spiro Dishes on Season Finale

My Boys Cast, Jamie Kaler, Michael Bunin, Jordana Spiro, Reid Scott, Kyle Howard, Kellee Stewart Jill Weisleder/LA Dodgers

The cliffhanger of all cliffhangers? That's what Jordana Spiro is telling us about Tuesday night's season finale of My Boys

"Every season My Boys leaves us with a pretty solid cliffhanger, and this season finale is far and away my favorite one," Jordana (P.J. Franklin) tells us.

The gist of the episode is this: P.J. and the boys head to Mesa, Ariz., for the Cubs' spring training. P.J., a sports columnist, is looking for her big story, and as for the rest of the gang, well, you'll just have to read on to see what Jordana teases.

"Spring Training": The season finale was actually filmed live at the Cubs' spring training, where the cast and crew took advantage of the guerilla-style filming. Says Jordana, "P.J. is now a columnist, and she can't figure out what she's going to write. Every story she comes up with is a hack, cliché story idea that's been done a million times before, and she's kind of freaking out. She starts going around to all these random people at the stadium trying to find a human-interest story. The way we shot it was the camera operator and I went around with a video camera, stopped people at the stadium, and just started interviewing them as though I was P.J. That was fun. I've never gotten to do that guerilla-style filmmaking before."

My Boys, Kyle Howard, Jordana Spiro Patrick Eccelsine/TBS

Bobby and P.J.: Last season's finale involved Bobby (Kyle Howard) and P.J. finally taking a step forward in their relationship. Now that they're a couple, we had to ask: Can we expect a pregnancy or engagement Tuesday? "There's always that chance, and that's all I'll say." Before they take their relationship that far, there's a chance they could finally be shacking up. "I hope [their relationship] does [progress], because it opens up a whole new ball game of issues. I would love to see them move in together. They would have to rework their whole system with their friends. I would love to see how sharing a space becomes problematic and what gets on their nerves. I don't know if it's going to happen. Hopefully we get another season to explore that."

Steph and Kenny: Last season's cliffhanger also involved Steph (Kellee Stewart) and Kenny (Michael Bunin) secretly doing the dirty, but we've yet to get a resolution to their relationship. Could they have been getting it on this whole season? Jordana pleads the Fifth: "Kenny is pregnant. It's weird, Kenny and Bobby go to Lamaze class together in the last episode. No, I can't say!"

Now that you've gotten a tease for the couples of My Boys, Jordana spills a little for everyone else in the finale:

  • Andy (Jim Gaffigan): "He has to figure out what it's like to live without poker for a week. He plays poker with a table full of plants."
  • Stephanie: "She gets to live without poker for a week."
  • Mike (Jamie Kaler) & Kenny: "They get their balls autographed."
  • Brendan (Reid Scott): "His game is totally thrown off. It's the complete opposite [of his normal love life]. Brendan and the real-life Cubs player Mike Fontenot have it out. They have a face-off."
  • Bobby: "I'll just say that Bobby's a really good boyfriend in this episode."
  • P.J.: In addition to her writer's block, P.J. plays the organ during spring training. "I did a really poor rendition of 'Heart and Soul.' "

Next Season: This season has consisted of more stand-alone episodes, which has actually given the writers more freedom to bring on the funny. Jordana says, "I think next season will be more similar to this season. Of course, there are a few storylines that go through the season finale." My Boys won't get word of another season until September, but Jordana says she's all in if they get picked up. "It's such a dream job. It's funny because we only shoot three months out of the year and everyone has become friends of mine, so it's kind of like going to summer camp. It's a great job—I would absolutely love to do another season."

Do you want to see Bobby and P.J. take the next step? Do you think Kenny and Steph have been doing the dirty this whole time?

The season-three finale of My Boys airs Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on TBS.