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    Fanpage Fun-Fest: Our Top 10 Brightest Stars

    Adam Lambert, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine, Farrah Fawcett Jun Sato/Getty Images, Jon Furniss/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Despite our love of all things celebrity, we at E! Online have been known to crunch a number or two.

    Behold! This week, we're listing our 10 most visited Fanpages and giving you a hint as to why they sit at the popular table (they're pretty, for starters).

    Wait, what? You haven't visited our new Fanpages?

    Well, if you crave a little more data, make sure to click on the name of your favorite star. That'll lead you to the star's shiny, new page, where you'll find all the 411—and all the stories—that made them so buzzworthy this month (beyond just being pretty). Bookmark it and come back for the latest news and photos!

    You might also want to consider it a vote of sorts for your fave to make the list!

    Wanna know who's tops? Click on through to the other side. We promise there won't be any Gosselins.

    10. Shanna Moakler: The always-forthcoming former Miss USA has been vocal about her feelings about Miss California Carrie Prejean, and you've returned the favor in clicks.

    9. Doug Reinhardt: Between Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes and Lauren Conrad, this celebutant gets lucky with the ladies. Seriously, have you seen the most recent pics?

    8. Taylor Lautner: Everyone wants to know what's happening on the New Moon set, plus there's that über-cute teenage romance thing going down with Selena Gomez.

    7. Chris Pine: He's in that little indie, Star Trek; he's maybe romancing Hills hottie Audrina Patridge; and he likes to run without a shirt. We call this babe a hot, hot heatseeker!

    6. Miley Cyrus: Whether she's twittering about body issues or a double date with Heidi and Spencer Pratt, both the lovers and the haters can't get enough of the Disney diva.

    5. Adrianne Curry: We're guessing our new Twitterverses column reminded you of the first winner of America's Next Top Model and had you wondering if she's still married to former Brady Buncher Christopher Knight (she is).

    4. Farrah Fawcett: Her cancer battle, recently documented on NBC's Farrah's Story, is both an inspiration and a fascination. And then there's her son, Redmond O'Neal

    3. Adam Lambert: He may not have won American Idol, but we don't see Kris Allen's name making this list! Clearly he won your hearts, if not your votes.

    2. Kristen Stewart: When you're one-half of the most buzzed-about noncouple on the planet, you're bound to wind up having lunch with the in crowd. Being a Twilighter doesn't hurt, either.

    1. Robert Pattinson: Duh! As if you didn't see this one coming…


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