Never look a gift horse camel in the mouth. Or any other orifice from which fluids may flow (and flow, and flow...).

Ben Stiller brought new meaning to the term hump day Wednesday, turning up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! bearing an unsolicited and equally un-house-trained beast as an offering for the host.

"I know how you feel about camels, and this is your camel," Stiller said, explaining that he learned of the chat host's devotion to the desert dwellers while perusing his Wikipedia page. "It's for the man who loves camels more than anything."

"I don't even know what you're talking about," Kimmel replied. "It's nice and all, but I have no particular feeling about camels one way or another."



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Unless, it seems, they have particularly weak bladders.

"This one has a leak."

"it looks like."

Who knew?

We knew!

Check this article.


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