Dancing's Gilles: Some Sex With Brothers & Sisters

    Gilles Marini may not have scored a perfect 60 last night on Dancing With the Stars like he did last week, but that's OK.

    "I'm grateful," the Sex and the City hottie told me this morning. "That's the word of the day. I went all the way, man."

    In just a few hours, we will find out who takes home that disco-ball trophy. "No matter what happens, it's all good," Gilles says.

    Not so good is the surgery he will undergo very soon for his separated shoulder. Read on for more about going under the knife, dancing with the show's resident cranky judge Len Goodman and the text he received from Sex and the City's director-writer Michael Patrick King after his freestyle finale.

    In the video before your paso doble, we saw you dancing with Len!
    I was blown away. He's a brilliant dancer…He was talking about terms that I had never heard before. I was like, OK, listen Gilles. You're going to have to pay attention right now, because the man is going to show you how to get a 10. And he did!

    You got a perfect 30 for the paso doble. Even though you didn't for freestyle, you still did pretty darn well.
    The truth is I am competing against two very well-oiled performers. Melissa has been moving and dancing her whole life and being this amazing cheerleader. Shawn is only 17, but she's been doing this for 13 years! I'm like, "Oops, I'm in trouble." I thought, you know, we've got to include some lifts in there to sort of compete with them. I think that was kind of a mistake. I am what I am, but I felt so threatened.

    When will you have the surgery?
    Because I am not dancing anymore, it feels fine. But I need to schedule it, because the recovery time is about three weeks, and I don't want to spend too much time doing nothing.

    And what's this I hear about your daughter (3-year-old Juliana) having surgery at the same time?
    We're going to try to do that because she has a sort of eye cyst that they need to remove. So why not just do that with her, and then when she wakes up, I'm right there.

    Congrats on getting that gig on Brothers & Sisters. When do you start shooting?
    In August. I'm very excited.

    The Sex and the City sequel starts in August, too.
    [Laughs] Well, then I'm going to have to shoot them at the same time—I hope!

    I hope so, too.
    Sex and the City was such an amazing experience for me. It led me to Dancing With the Stars. Michael Patrick King texted me last night.

    He did? What did he say?
    He said, "You did amazing. I'm so proud of you." That means the world to me.

    Well, he better put you in the sequel.
    Well, I hope so, too. I would be honored.


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