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This Just In: Is Georgina Joining Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick, Michelle Trachtenberg Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Gossip Girl: If you caught tonight's Gossip Girl, you might be wondering if Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Carter Baizen (Leighton Meester's real-life boyfriend, Sebastian Stan) are joining the cast as regulars next season. While it certainly looks that way in the finale, sources tell us they aren't signed to full-time gigs for next year, and of course, Michelle T.'s first obligation is to her new NBC series, Mercy. We caught up with her at the NBC "Infront" luncheon in L.A., and she told us exclusively: "It's definitely a cliffhanger, and obviously very exciting, and obviously, one can assume from that dialogue being spoken that there are many more crazy things to come for Georgina."

Terminator: Josh Friedman, show runner of Fox's now-canceled Terminatorposted an eloquent and good-hearted thank-you to the fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Glee: Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly told advertisers at the Fox upfront presentation about the Glee premiere immediately following Tuesday's American Idol, "We see this as the world's biggest grassroots screening." So then, in the spirit of grassroots Glee fandom, we offer this video of the Glee cast's live performance of "Somebody to Love" on the stage at New York City Center.

Dana in Barnstable, Mass.: What's the latest on Privileged? Is it still coming back?

Sadly, over the past week or two, dark clouds have gathered over Privileged. The CW has so many outstanding pilots to choose from that Privileged will probably be edged out in favor of something newer. All hope is not yet lost, but to be totally frank, it's not looking good.

Note: There is no Spoiler Chat this Monday (because of upfronts) or next week (because of the U.S. Memorial Day holiday). Kristin misses you back and sends her love.



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