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    Paris Hilton: Seriously, Who's Robert Pattinson?

    Robert Pattinson, Paris Hilton, Chris Pine Charley Gallay/Getty Images; AP Photo/Shea Walsh; Michael Buckner/Getty Images

    Kristen Stewart must be feeling all better now. Not only is costar and cocompetitor Nikki Reed officially out of the running (temporarily) for Robert Pattinson's private affections, we hear professional man-launcher Paris Hilton has no interest in Rob whatsoever! Shocking, but true.

    Here's what happened:

    While plugging Pare-poo's latest TV endeavor, season two of MTV's My New BFF, Paris was given a break by us. Nope, we didn't want to know the exact level of hotness Hilton will no doubt be demanding from her new coterie of wannabe pals. What we wanted was all about the hot guys of summer!

    Screw the new arrival of glistening boob-tube gals—let's check in on the simmering dudes:

    Who's hotter, Paris: Chris Pine or Rob Pattinson?

    "Who?" responded Paris, impossibly spray-tanned, eternally cheery and, yes, utterly bubbly (guess life with Doug Reinhardt hasn't reared it's painful head, just yet).

    Which one's hotter?
    Who are they?

    Uh, the guy from Star Trek and the guy from Twilight.
    I don't know them. I really don't.

    OK, then.

    So, Ms. Stewart, even though you supposedly still have that BF, Michael Angarano, around (and I voted for Prop 8), I'd still say your chances of eternal and personal off-camera bliss are decidedly better without man-connoisseurs P. Hilton and N. Reed in the pic. Trust me on this.

    And, Paris, babe, please: Get out more.


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