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• Bradley Cooper's mother loves the rumors that her son is dating Jennifer Aniston, but sadly, the romance is not to be, he tells E! News. The Hangover actor says, "I went to a premiere of one of her movies and we were the last two people at the party, so I guess that's how [the rumor] started."

Tons of other romance rumors hit the Web this weekend: Cameron Diaz shared a supposed smooch with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine; Alicia Keys outted her longtime relationship with Swizz Beats; and American Idol may have an item of its own in Anoop Desai and Megan Joy.

For a visit to the White House, Ricky Gervais dresses to impress…in pajamas!

Looks like someone beat Nadya Suleman to the Octomom porno punch.

Is Jon Gosselin claiming his supposed mistress likes the ladies?

• Paris Hilton loves mystyle almost as much as we do!

Michael Jackson gives us a peace of his mind in the Big Picture gallery.