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Gilles Reveals Cheryl's Rehearsal Accident: "It Was a Scary Moment"

Cheryl Burke is a trouper. Even a painful injury to her head won't stop her from helping Gilles Marini bring home the Dancing With the Stars' disco-ball trophy.

Marini tells me that Burke took a fall during their salsa rehearsals on Sunday when she accidentally slipped through his hands. "She hit her head so hard that the music was covered by the sound of her head hitting the floor," Gilles said. "It was a scary moment. She had an egg on the back of her head, but she doesn't complain...She got up and said, 'Let's do it again one more time.' "

As we all know now, that egg-size bruise didn't get in the way of the duo's waltz and salsa last night. They scored a perfect 30 on each!

Read on for more of my weekly chat with Mr. Marini. We talk crying, bionic booty and why Gilles' wife, Carole, is one very happy lady.

How incredible was it to hear Len say he wished he had a paddle with an 11 on it for your salsa?
You want to hear something? I told exactly this to Cheryl one month ago, and she told me to shut up. I said, "One day we are going to dance so well that one of the judges is going to say, 'It's too bad I don't have a paddle that is more than 10.' " And when Cheryl heard Len last night, it was like, Oh my God. But you know what? It's all for Cheryl. Getting a 60 means getting a 60 for Cheryl.

You teared up when they showed the video from your hometown in France.
To see myself with my dad when I'm a kid, it's heartbreaking. I never saw those pictures. I couldn't breath. I would give up everything I have to have one more conversation with him. I had to run out on stage with my hands over my ears, because I couldn't listen anymore. I wiped away the tears, I focused and was like, "Let's dance!"

Bruno said Lil' Kim was alive and well and living in your pants. He said you had a "Bionic Booty No. 2." So, are you going to give Lil' Kim a run for her money in the booty department?
Listen, between us, OK? [Laughs]

It's really good to have Lil' Kim living in your pants. [Laughs] She is a beautiful woman.

Are you ready to have your ass shown on every Dancing With the Stars commercial from now until forever?
Uhhh, sure. Why should I hide something that my mom gave me?

How did you celebrate last night?
Can we really say it?

Of course.
We went to a really nice restaurant and then went home and had a lot of playtime. [Laughs] I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry for. Carole must be very happy you did Dancing With the Stars.
Yeah, very much happy.


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