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This Just In: Is Grey's Anatomy Going to Kill Izzie?

Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl ABC/SCOTT GARFIELD

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie's illness is even freaking out Grey's Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes, who blogged about the 100th episode: "I went up to the editing room when the show was being edited, and I saw my first images of Izzie lying in the hospital bed bald. And I started to cry. And I said to Susan Vaill, our brilliant editor, I said, 'Ummm...I think Izzie is really sick.' And she hollered at me 'You made her sick!'...But here’s the thing. Until I saw my Izzie, bald and pale and wheezing in that bed...I mean, she’s sick. She’s really sick.  And I didn’t see it coming. My brain got ahead of my heart on this one."

In happier, potentially less-fatal news, Shonda also tweeted that there is "some good Cristina/Owen coming up too." Yay! BTW, despite having had her third baby literally yesterday, Chyler Leigh is doing interviews on Monday (!), so if you have any Q's for Little Grey, email, and we'll get you answers!

Weeds: If you're addicted to good TV and/or illegal drugs (not that we encourage the latter), check out Showtime's new "Yes We Cannabis" promo for season five of Weeds.

Radha: Dollhouse's chances of renewal are reportedly slim. Please, please say it isn't so! Do you have any happier news?

You know that 14th episode of Dollhouse that's set in a post-Apocalyptic universe and that won't be appearing on Fox network but will be included on the season-one DVD? Well, no one's officially confirming anything, and this is all still entirely in the theoretical dreamy dream stage, but reliable sources tell us exclusively that spinning off "Epitaph One" into a new series is "not exactly outside the realm of Joss’ master plan." So even if Dollhouse proper doesn't get a pickup for season two, there might still be an alternate Dollverse for us to play in. What do you think of that?!