Lance Bass

John Shearer/Getty Images

Lance Bass, partying away his 30th B-day at the Matsuri restaurant at NYC's Maritime Hotel, joined by a huge-ass group of more than 15 close pals (half men, half women, all fabulous).

The Bass bash began with a behemoth pile of sushi, and let's not forget tons of mojitos, martinis and sake. The boozing B-day boy wore a black pinstripe blazer over a white graphic T and faded jeans—what, no party hat?

After finishing off bottles of sake, L.B.'s wobbly walking party moved to the Maritime's HIRO Ballroom, where Lancey-pants danced into the wee hours of the morning, still throwing back martini after martini. Dude might be the big 3-0, but he still drinks like a 21-year-old!

Another famous face getting another year older at the same posh place was...

Donatella Versace, celebrating her 54th birthday (for a second or third time, probably) with daughter Allegra, who threw the surprise party for her mom at Matsuri. The big-lipped birthday girl and 12 fashionable types, mostly older gents, hung far in the back of the sushi spot. Can't compete with Lance's shindig? We wouldn't try, either!

An older babe celebrating herself, as usual, was...

Janice Dickinson, checking out at the Whole Foods in Bev Hills. J.D., in a white tee, bubblegum pink, cropped workout pants (what else would ya expect her to wear?), spent her waiting time chitchatting with a hot younger dude about the shots she needed before going on vacay. Including one for, yikes, malaria of all things. Where the ef is she going?

We know we couldn't relax with a virgin piña colada on the beach if there's a chance we'd catch malaria. Hope Janny D. got a swine flu shot, too. You can never be too careful!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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