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Last Chance to Visit Joss Whedon's Dollhouse?

Dollhouse, Miracle Laurie, Dichen Lachman Carin Baer/FOX

Tonight is our last chance to play with the sleepies!

Yep, tonight's "Omega" is the final episode of Dollhouse to be aired by Fox this season (although there is that one other episode due for the DVD), and it's a night of huge reveals for the actives. Why should you watch? We've seen the finale, and here are five important reasons to tune in:

1. Watch for Steve the Pirate: Alan Tudyk continues to show tremendous range as Alpha, the former active who now uses his powers for capital-E Evil.

2. Watch for the Chemistry: Two sets of our favorite characters join forces in previously unseen configurations to go after Alpha, and both couples have great chemistry. (Hint: You can see one of those pairings to the left.)

3. Watch for the Heroism: Two damsels in distress are rescued, but you'll never guess who gets saved and how it happens.

4. Watch Tim Move the Pieces Around the Board: Tim Minear, who wrote and directed this outing, made a couple of very smart choices that allow the various actors to work to their respective strengths.

5. Watch for the Words: "Omega" is chock-full of fights, cleavage and sexy dancing, but it is also the show's most philosophical and thoughtful outing since "Man on the Street." You'll find yourself thinking about Caroline, Echo, the dolls and yourself in unexpected ways.

P.S. Last but not least, we want to give a personal shout-out to Natalie Avital. We went to junior high together, and seeing her pop up in the finale in a small but crucial role was a delightful surprise. Congrats, my dear!

Are you excited for the finale? What is your overall impression of Dollhouse? Are you hoping for a series pickup, or are you OK if goes off the air?

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