Matt Damon, Tom Brady

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Rich Schmitt/ZUMA Press

You'd think it would be Gisele's hood the cops would be poking around under.

But it's her hubby, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and various other local celebs who have been the target of numerous superfluous searches by authorities across the state of Massachusetts, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday.

State officials privy to the audit that turned up the head-scratching statistics told the paper that law-enforcement officers performed 968 searches on Brady, looking up his home address, gun-ownership record, driver's license info, Social Security number and other stats on the model-marrying New England Patriots quarterback.

Other high-profile types who were also the target of "repeated searches and queries" included Damon and James Taylor, who were both born in Boston, and Celtics star Paul Pierce.

Initial verdict: The Massachusett's Criminal Offender Record Information system is highly flawed and is vulnerable to use "without any apparent work-related justification," according to state Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci's findings.

But then again, said the head of the Criminal History Systems Board, considering the system is utilized 13 million times a month, the number of inappropriate searches is relatively minuscule.

"I'm fairly comfortable in saying that 99 percent do not misuse the system," executive director Curtis Wood told the Globe.

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