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Kelly Clarkson may have a thing for Edward Cullen, but that certainly doesn't guarantee her a spot on the New Moon soundtrack.

Recent Internet chatter claims that the unreleased Clarkson song "Did You?" will likely be featured in the Twilight sequel.

However, a rep for movie studio Summit Entertainment is singing a different tune…

There are no plans to use the song, according to the rep.

The angst-ridden, rocked-out ballad certainly sounds like a good match for the flick. "Did you ever care for me?" Clarkson sings in the chorus. "Did you ever believe in me?/Did you ever love me?"

A source tells me that director Chris Weitz has made no decisions regarding the music for the movie. Currently filming in Vancouver before taking off for Italy, New Moon is set to hit theaters on Nov. 20.

Back in January, Clarkson blogged about becoming a fan of the young vampire love phenomenon.

"Finished the Twilight books (so did my mom and sister) and we cannot wait for the next movie New Moon," the American Idol winner wrote. "Do not judge us, we cannot help ourselves. Now my sister and I are going to read a classic The Divine Comedy. Although it's a classic it doesn't have Edward Cullen in it so I pray it holds my attention. Ha!"

Funnily enough, Clarkson's old Idol pal Justin Guarini recently began a campaign to add himself to the New Moon soundtrack. He posted his recording of original song "I Can't Live" on YouTube, along with a note reading, "If you like it, share it, and ask for it to be put in the new Twilight movie."


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