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New Moon Studio's Dating Double Standard

Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart, Jackson Rathbone Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images; Beck Starr/Getty Images; James Devaney/Getty Images; Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

It's pretty obvious the sealed-off writing's on the wall concerning Robsten's relaysh, but we told you it's apparently inked (nixed?) in fine print, too. As in no dating, or any kind of "romantic" relationship allowed.

So does this go for all of the Summit suits' clientele?

Technically. But Summit sure seems to be turning a blind eye to two of its stars who are supposedly hooking up.

See, it's a big no-no for any of the actors involved with New Moon to get together. While the anti-dating policy is supposed to hold for the whole damn cast, we hear from sources so knowledgeable it hurts worse than Robsten's love for each other that Summit could care less about the fact that Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene are supposedly going at it.

The two may not be dating, but we're told from Deep Twi that the onscreen lovers are most definitely more than just friends off the set. And enjoying every damn minute of it, as they should be! Hell, yeah!

Oh, and what's the sorry kicker here? That there happen to be a lot of execs working on the Twi franchise who hypocritically consider Ashbone to be way "cute." What! Then why the big deal if Kristen and Robert were together?

Well, we've been down that road a couple of times. In the long run, as in two more Twilight movies to go, Robsten is nothing but a giant liability. Which we get, but still, don't support.

So if Ashbone is able to get it on, everyone should. Or maybe the big deal is it's more than just "hooking up" for Rob and K. Stew?

That's gotta be it.


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