Zachary Quinto

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Now that Star Trek is taking off in such spectacular fashion, could Heroes star Zachary Quinto be taking advantage of Sylar's shape-shifting power to vanish from the show forever?

Plus, does Serena get her paws on Gossip Girl herself?

Could Brooke finally get together with an old flame on One Tree Hill?

What do we learn about George's fate in the last episode of Grey's Anatomy?

Does Dave try to kill Susan on Desperate Housewives?

It's getting to be finale time, and that means so many questions about what's going to happen next on your favorite TV shows! Lucky for you, we have the answers to all the Q's above and many, many more!

Joselyn in Gainesville, Fla.: I almost died when Adam Lambert was in the bottom three on American Idol last week! Any idea what the powers that be thought about his sudden drop?

Well A.I. show runner Nigel Lythgoe must have been shocked because just a few days before the head-scratcher, he gave E! News his predictions for a final two: "There's two guys who I like very much; Danny [Gokey], who's got a great voice, and Adam, who I think is a real star." Umm we definitely agree with the latter, but Danny? Seriously? We were thinking more along the lines of Allison Iraheta.

Elizabeth in Miami: What are the answers to the October Road quiz?
You can wait a whole day to find out the answers. The DVD comes out on Tuesday, but we will tell you guys that based on the percentage of votes, you have three out of five answers right. We're just not telling you which ones!

Alexander Skarsgaard, True Blood

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Mariah in Flint, Mich.: Any news on True Blood?
There was a sexy new True Blood promo released on Saturday! Check it out if you haven't yet.

Lee in Compton, Calif.: I love Southland! But I'm confused. How can they go from Alvarado Street, which is in East L.A., to Bel-Air on the West Side in one episode? Don't cops normally work out of precincts that only cover a smaller area of town?
A little birdie tells us that since Southland isn't set in a specific station that they've taken a few liberties to the way things are normally done. There are moments when they have to cheat a little bit for the sake of the show. And it's a pretty damn good show, so personally, we're fine with a little cheating here and there. They're called creative liberties, my friend.

Marissa in Dover, N.H.: Is Jon Hamm ever coming back to 30 Rock? I loved seeing him in a comedic role!
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it looks like Jon Hamm's goofy 30 Rock doc is gone for the time being. In fact E! News just caught up with him at an NRDC environmental charity event, and here's what he had to say about a possible return: "I don't think so. I'm certainly not going to rule anything out because those decisions aren't up to me and I had a blast doing it. I have to get going on season three of Mad Men; we'll start that in a couple of weeks, so I'll be pretty taken up this summer." If it means more Don Draper, count us in! P.S. The happy news came in today that Mad Men season three (probably) premieres Aug. 16.

Pushing Daisies, Kristin Chenoweth


Melanie in Portland, Ore.: I just saw the extended promo for Glee, which was amazing! I am so excited for the premiere on May 19. Is there anything more you can share about this show?
What's a musical show without Kristin Chenoweth? Yup, Cheno is making a guest appearance, but you'll have to wait until fall to see it. Her character is not someone we've seen her play before though, so you'll be surprised. Jane Lynch tells us, "She's kind of a drunk, a has-been. She's squatting in a McMansion in town, but she's still got it. She's got the voice, she's got the moves and she really shows the kids how to put it on." Also making guest appearances on the soon-to-be Fox hit are Josh Groban and Victor Garber. Also, good news coming from executive producer Ryan Murphy: "There's going to be a series of albums where we put out an album every couple of months because we will have so much material. Also, we're going to have all of the songs when you watch the show available that night immediately on iTunes."

Julia in Eugene, Ore.: What's the scoop with The Unusuals?
After this Wednesday's episode, The Unusuals goes on hiatus for two weeks. The final four episodes are "The Tape Delay," "The Dentist," "The Apology Line" and the June 17 season finale, "E.I.D."

Alison in Meridien, Miss.: Can you tell us anything about the Supernatural finale?
We're interviewing Bobby (Jim Beaver) tomorrow, and we'll share any scoop we can! If there's something specific you want to know that he might actually be able to reveal, email us at, and we'll get you answers!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Andy in Los Angeles: Please tell me Zachary Quinto is coming back next season on Heroes.
We can absolutely assure you that Zachary Quinto is coming back next season. We're hearing that Sylar is present in what's described as "a very Fight Club-esque way." Care to interpret what that means?

Ilaam in Rochester, N.Y.: I know Heroes just ended, but do you have any goodies for season five?
The Heroes deaths will continue next season, and a few of your favorite characters may be resurrected in the process. (Pssst, that has nothing to do with our pal Sylar).

Tracy in El Paso, Texas: What can you tease about the Lost finale?
Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we're hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this.

Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Romana in Cape Coral, Fla.: What can you tell us about the Gossip Girl finale?
Chuck and Blair! What else is there to say? OK, how about that the spawn of Rufus and Lily will be played by an unknown—extrapolate from that what you will about said spawn's future on the show. (Of course, nobody had ever heard of Jessica Szohr before G.G., and now she's a big star with endorsement deals and everything.)

Joey in Sedona, Ariz.: Does Serena do any damage to Gossip Girl when she tries to out her in the G.G. finale?
No, not really. Gossip Girl escapes Serena's attack relatively unscathed—but then again, nobody effs with Kristen Bell and gets away with it. (Except Sylar.) Oooh! Speaking of Kristen Bell, she is magnificent as Uta of Valhalla Catering in the Party Down finale, and there's an opening at the very end for her to recur in the likely (but not assured) second season. Yay!

Lucy in Madison, Wis.: Waiting with bated breath for the Grey's Anatomy finale. Spill!
As Chandra Wilson told us, "In [the finale], we do ultimately find out what [happens with] George (T.R. Knight)—he does make a big decision in that episode. Izzie has a lot of medical [issues] in that episode. And then we have our normal ER catastrophe that goes on. It's got to be something bad going on where all the doctors have to assemble. That much I know."

Renetta in Danvers, Mass.: Why have you been sorely lacking in HIMYM scoop lately?
Well, that's because we've been holding back from revealing tonight's surprise return to HIMYM by a girl that we love. To make it up to you, we'll reveal now that by the end of the season we will know for sure if she is the mother (or not). Check back later this week from more from the lady in question!

Teri Hatcher

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Erica in Dallas: I'm really worried about Susan after last night's episode of Desperate Housewives. Dave is out for blood. What's the scoop?
Never fear, Teri Hatcher doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. "I intend on having a job on Desperate Housewives next year, but it's definitely [a] dramatic [finale]," she tells us.  As we teased before, Susan's not the only one in trouble on Wisteria Lane, so the real question you should be asking is, How far does Dave cross the line?   

Sabrina in Carmel, Calif.: Any word on if they're going to replace Edie on Desperate Housewives next season?
While that does seem to be a common occurrence on our favorite fictional street, Teri Hatcher wants to make sure fans know that Nicollette Sheridan's Edie cannot be replaced. "I don't think you can go at it like 'replacing her.' It will open up an arena for new, imaginative things to happen." But Brenda Strong teased, "I think Wisteria Lane will definitely be shy of an Edie. I don't think anything is written in stone, but there's room for a new neighbor." Thoughts on who should move in this time around?

Lonnie in Chicago: Any hints on what villains are coming to Smallville?
A few fan faves will be back next season, but we'll have to wait a while to find out the rest. Says Brian Peterson, "We introduced several this year that we'll probably bring back next year. We loved Zatanna. We looked at a few others that we want to introduce, but we're going to wait for Comic-Con to release all that." One hero you won't see stopping by is Batman. Though the producers really want to have him on the show, Kelly Sounders says there's still trouble with the franchise crossovers: "Obviously everybody wants to keep all the franchises going and give the fans what they want in each. If that opening ever, ever occurs, we'll be all over it."

Valley Girls, Gossip Girl (poster)

The CW

Karina in Littleton, Colo.: I know it's not really called Lily, but is there anything new to spill on the spinoff?
Actually E! News just caught up with the older version of Lily, Kelly Rutherford, and she shared an awesome-sounding bit of info on the tentatively titled show: "I just went in recently did a bit of a voice-over, like a Wonder Years kind of thing where I'm looking back on my life. I don't know if they'll use it, but I was able to see some of it, and it looked fantastic." So there you have it! Gossip Girl plus Wonder Years equals amazing!

Lydia in Graz, Austria: I've just seen the season two finale of Private Practice, and I'm really shocked! Is Violet going to die?
Amy Brenneman
tells us, "The way the season went out, it does not seem that I'm OK, [but] as far as I know, I have a job next year." Does that give you any reassurance?

Julia in Bath, U.K.: Is Noah going to be back on Private Practice next season? I'm enjoying the storyline, and their chemistry is off the charts. Josh Hopkins is a welcome addition to the cast.
The official word from ABC is that "Josh is part of our pilot, Cougar Town, costarring Courteney Cox Arquette," so it's all dependent on whether or not that gets picked up. That said, if ABC passes on Cougar Town, it's likely that Josh will be back for at least more recurring eps—they can't be unaware about the fan interest in Noah and Addy.

Susan in Chicago: Any news on the new Melrose Place redo? I loved the original so much.
It's shaping us nicely from what we hear. Apparently both the storylines and the sets positively scream "original Melrose Place."

Prison Break, Wentworth Miller

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Lisa in Miami: I am a huge Prison Break fan, and Michael-Sara shipper, and I'm starting to get a little worried about how the series will end. Do you know anything about how things will turn out for Michael and Sara?
We'll be answering all your burning Prison Break Q's later this week after we get a peek at the finale. But for now, don't freak out. We've got your back, and we know that the writers do too. Everything is gonna be OK!

Bekah in Belleville, Ill.: What can you tell me about Saul "making a shocking admission about Ryan's mother" on the season finale of Brothers & Sisters next week?
Saul may have inadvertently caused the death of Ryan's mother! In other B&S finale news, the Walkers are Mexico-bound this Sunday in order to bring Tommy back to America. Hint, it's not going to work. But it's for the best. Also, Kitty and Robert finally reconcile, while Justin and Rebecca announce to the family that they're getting married. He even gets down on one knee with a makeshift ring.

Ann in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.: What is going on with the long-rumored Ugly Betty musical episode?
It's definitely not going to happen this season. Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina Slater) tells us, "If it's going to happen, it would be next year, and now that we're in New York, we have Broadway talent at our fingertips. I really hope it happens this fourth season." (Meanwhile, if singing is what you want, well, Vanessa's new album, The Real Thing, is out June 2.)

Lia in Helena, Mont.: Please tell me something about the One Tree Hill finale!
Julian appears in the finale, so maybe that means he and Brooke will finally decide to be together? Plus, both Mia—and her portrayer, real-life singer Kate Voegele—are releasing their albums in the OTH finale. "There's this amazing scene that we shot at a Best Buy, and they have a huge line of fans. Mia's releasing her record, and Mia's record is my record. So on the day that my album, A Fine Mess, comes out in real life, Mia's album, A Fine Mess, will be coming out on One Tree Hill." A little confusing, but you get it!

Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Torv, Fringe

George Holz/FOX

Michaela in Henderson, N.V.: Will there be any progress with Peter and Olivia on Fringe before the finale?
Anna Torv tells us, "Not while he's trying to date my sister they won't!" So, tell us, cocreators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, will there be any kissing in the final two episodes? Says Orci, "Depends on what you mean by kissing."

Johanna in St. George, Utah: Any word on whether Better Off Ted is getting picked up?
Nothing official yet, but we chatted with Jonathan Slavin (Phil) and Malcolm Barrett (Lem) this morning, and our favorite new TV bromance collectively told us this: "We're optimistic. We think we're coming back." Said Jonathan: "We've been shooting more episodes. We have five more in the can, so that's a good sign." The duo tell us that the unaired episodes reveal a lot more about Veronica (Portia De Rossi)'s life. "There's another side to her that you find out," he said. And there's even an ep where Lem goes on a date (we love geek love!). As for Ted (Jay Harrington) and Linda (Andrea Anders) hooking up? It ain't gonna happen in tomorrow night's finale. "It's too soon. Maybe next season," said Malcolm.

Josephine in Thousand Oaks, Calif.: So happy Parks and  Recreation got picked up for another season. What can you tease?
The season finale finds Andy (Chris Pratt) out of his leg casts and throwing a concert. Andy's band, Scarecrow Boat, has a song called "The Pit." Did we mention Tom's (Aziz Ansari) wife is in attendance? Wife? Yup! In other P&R news, Mark and Leslie (Amy Poehler) bond more at a bar, but he's not the one Leslie kisses that night.

Emily in Philadelphia: What can you tell us about Greek?
As we first reported back in January, Rebecca is going gay this week. There's a definite makeout sesh with one of her alumni sisters who's back in town for a ZBZ wedding. It also just so happens that Rebecca and Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) are gunning for the same gal. In other romantic news, Rusty and Jordan are going to that ZBZ wedding together while Andy is out of town.

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—Reporting by Natalie Abrams, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters and Aly Weisman

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