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    Rob and Kristen: Alone at Last?

    Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson AP Photo/Richard Drew

    For a gal who was supposedly spending this past weekend hanging with her "boyfriend," Michael Angarano, up in Vancouver, K.Stew sure seemed to be enjoying her time out with Robert Pattinson Saturday night instead. Happy to be rid of the required ball and chain, perhaps?

    The costars hung backstage at their friend's benefit concert, and seemed just as into each other as they were the music. And to think our tons of detractors thought nothing was going on with Robsten, how stupid!

    So could this mean Robsten may actually be coming out of the dating closet anytime soon?

    It doesn't look like it, but we would be delighted to hear otherwise.

    Rob and Kristen are gearing up for some world travel, and we're curious as to how exactly the arrangements will go down. Hmmm.

    R & K will be over in Europe to shoot the rest of New Moon in a bit, so it would make sense if they both made a stop at the Cannes Film Festival later this month, right? After all, they both have movies to promote (separately)...but both flicks have Summit ties.

    If Rob and Kris are purposely kept at separate hotels and booked on different promotional tours, we don't see these two being sent off on a romantic getaway together to France. Even though it would make a helluva lot of sense, economically and promotionally.

    But, uh, word to the Robsten-wise: count on them being booked so far apart, you'll need frequent-flier miles for them to get together. Get the kept-apart pic?

    So just don't hold your breath for a coming-out party over in Europe. But again, we'll be happy to be proven wrong on that one if it makes Robsten happen any faster.

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder