Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, Zac Efron

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Two days, two 100-strong lists of movers, shakers and genetically blessed stars...not a whole lot of overlap between the two.

But leave it to the man-boy who can send both tweens and cougars into a tizzy of equal measure to straddle the divide—just one day after he was named one of People's 100 Most Beautiful beings, Zac Efron also managed to stake his claim as one of the world's most influential people on the Time 100.

The magazine is no doubt hoping his influence is particularly strong when it comes to newsstand sales.

The rest of the list is chock-full of A-listers, including six-time honoree Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Jay Leno, MIA, Penélope Cruz, Tina Fey, Kate Winslet, John Legend, Slumdog Millionaire composer A.R. Rahman, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, financial guru Suze Orman and, brace yourselves, the ladies of The View.

And yes, that includes Sherri and Elisabeth.

Each of the honorees gets a peer-penned testimonial, with Claire Danes doing the honors for Zefron.

"I suppose we all know that Zac, 21, is a song-and-dance man," she writes. "What is less known—and what I had the privilege of learning firsthand—is that he is a performer of great subtlety and vulnerability.

"It seems Zac is not only an entertainer, but also an artist. He is going to make us swoon for many years to come."

"We all have our favorites (I'll never tell)," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says in his ode to the coffee klatch, "but we really do think of them as a family—a family that, every day for one hour, invites us over for a cup of coffee and some candid conversation."

As for other star-on-star tributes, Jimmy Fallon deadpans the praises of Leno; Spike Jonze gives voice to M.I.A.'s talents; Meg Ryan offers up some effusiveness over rom-com costar Hanks, Angelina Jolie commends the work of author and humanitarian Somaly Mam, and none other than Bono himself extols the virtues of a Clooneyfied world.

"What he brings to the discussion on Darfur is not just star power," he said. "It's the power of conviction, and a growing impatience, and an undiminished sense that what's still—still!—happening in Darfur is an affront to what we say we believe.

"Our response, as yet, is unworthy of us."

The Time 100 issue hits newsstands tomorrow.

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