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Southland Cast Says Season Two Looking Positive

Southland, Arija Bareikis , Michael McGrady , Tom Everett Scott , Ben McKenzie , Regina King , Michael Cudlitz , Shawn Hatosy , Kevin Alejandro NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

With only three episodes in the can, Southland has surprisingly done what no other new drama has achieved, which is hold on to its entire premiere audience past the pilot. A feat that is certainly difficult to achieve these days.

Those Southland cops have been hitting the streets hard, but that doesn't mean they don't have personal lives too. From their messed-up families to their abysmal love lives, these cops just can't catch a break.

The cast of Southland was on hand at the NBC Summer Press Day last week to tease new developments for their characters, along with their thoughts on a possible season two pickup.

With upfronts only a few weeks away, the cast of Southland have no doubt they'll be back for round two. Regina King tells us, "We are feeling positive. We're getting really great feedback. The reviews have been good, but it's not the reviews that make us feel confident. It's the fact that all of us have had at least nine or 10 instances each where we've been in the grocery store or the car wash and someone has been like, ‘Oh my God, I love that show!' " Yes, we're definitely one of those culprits!

Here's what's on deck for the hard-hitting cops this season...

Southland, Ben McKenzie NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Officer Sherman: Ben's deadbeat dad came back into his life last week after we learned his mother got the beatdown daddy would've gotten had he not skipped town. Now that he's back, Benjamin McKenzie tells us, "They don't have a very good relationship. They don't really have much of any relationship. A lot of who the character Ben has decided to become as a man, or who he'd like to become as a man, is directly related in opposition to his father. So you'll see it come to a head."

Officer Copper: As we teased before, the development that John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) is gay will be explored more. Says Cudlitz, "It's going to evolve. A lot of questions will be answered, and new questions will arise."

Officer Brown & Officer Dewey: "A lot of my storyline is tied to my partner, Dewey," Arija Bareikis tells us. "He's having a lot of personal issues. Clearly that's part of being a cop. It's a very high-pressure job, and it has a big impact on one's personal life, and one's personal life kind of bleeds into the job as well. So I think you're going to find out that that kind of comes to a head at the end of the season."

Det. Adams: Detectives don't have the best love lives, but at least one may get some action on the side. Says Regina King, "She does actually have some interaction with a man. It happens over two episodes. As the episodes unfold, more of her life outside of being a detective and how being a detective affects that life [is shown]. She loves her job, but it's not the best for her love life."

Det. Clarke & Det. Adams: One man we'd love to see Lydia with is her partner. Says King, "We know that Tom's character is having some issues at home. Since Lydia hasn't had success in the love department, and she sees him and his wife starting to drift apart, it pisses her off. Russell and Lydia are very close. You do get a chance to see that we are more familiar probably than any of the other partners on the show." Familiar in the biblical sense? We just have to wait and see!

Do you want Southland back for another season? Or is this just one cop show too many?

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