Susan Boyle, Heidi Klum

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Forget Susan Boyle coming stateside to perform on American Idol or America's Got Talent.

Heidi Klum says Project Runway contestants and the world's most famous YouTube sensation make a pretty good match, too.

"She could be a good challenge," Klum told me last night at a party to launch the back plates she's designed for the LG Rumor2 mobile phones. "Maybe she could be on season seven."

And speaking of people who claim they've never been kissed, Klum's been trying to play matchmaker for her very own Tim Gunn...

Gunn recently told OK! magazine that he hasn't been on a date in—gulp!—26 years.

Klum says she's tried to play cupid. "If it was up to me, he would already be hooked up," she said. "Honestly, you don't even know. I have a lot of friends who really fancy him and occasionally I lug them to the set—and they're really fantastic matches because I think I have a really good eye for that—but you know, he's so focused on what he does. But I don't understand it, because he's such a really honest and nice man. That's not a schtick that he does."

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano cracked that we shouldn't believe everything Mr. Gunn has to say. "He's a liar," the designer deadpanned. "I don’t believe it. I believe he’s going out every night…I told him I would go on a date with him. Wouldn’t that be cute?"

Now, back to the bash: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were attached at the hip; Christina Aguilera enjoyed some drinks with husband Jordan Bratman while Danny Masterson deejayed with fiancée Bijou Phillips close by.

We’ve got plenty more from this party. Make sure to come back later for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy's latest love talk and why Peter Facinelli wants to kick my ass.

—Additional reporting by Dahvi Shira

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