Edie Falco, James Gandolfini, The Sopranos

Abbot Genser/HBO

Like many fans, Edie Falco is still not completely ready to let go of Carmela and Tony Soprano.

At the Serious Moonlight premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival Saturday, the star of Showtime's upcoming Nurse Jackie was asked about the chances of a Sopranos movie.

"From your mouth to David Chase's ears," she said. "I don't actually see it happening, but I've been surprised before."

Chase, the enigmatic show creator, has notoriously said he's not planning a movie for the HBO series, but he'll "never say never."

At the event, Falco also said she'd definitely participate in a film if it ever happened—but more importantly, would you watch?

Sing for The Sopranos
Whether in theaters or on HBO, would you bend over backward to see a film version of the mobster family?

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