• Beyoncé may be in the U.S. promoting Obsessed and her tour, but 100 "Single Ladies" in London are stealing a little of her thunder.

• Oprah Winfrey hasn't quite taken to her Twitter the way we hoped. She hasn't written in more than 24 hours.

A word to the wise: Never let Fast & Furious Michelle Rodriguez be a bridesmaid.

• Jimmy Fallon thinks he'd look good in postman's shorts.

Sleepless in Seattle writer Nora Ephron is so over Susan Boyle.

The Jonas Brothers clearly want you to take them seriously, which is probably why they've gotten all broody for the cover of their new, emo-named album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Dear Emma Watson: Thanks for that big kiss. We're blushing. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

Ryan Reynolds makes changing a tire look awesome in the Big Picture gallery.

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