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Everyone goes under the knife in H'wood. Some come out looking good, and some come out looking like Mickey Rourke. Hey, at least Mick admits it.

One brave gal from the small screen just admitted she's about to have her own surgical procedure—can you guess who? Check your answer after the jump.

Guess the Gossip: Friday, April 17, 2009
Which TV babe is about to have surgery?

Answer: Sophia Bush!

Soph, who had a sore throat while she chitchatted to us at the A/X Watches launch, dished that she's about to have her tonsils taken out.

"I get sick, and I lose my voice all the time, and it's not really good considering my job is to talk," she told us. "We have such a short hiatus this summer, so I figured rather than work I'm gonna take care of myself and get my tonsils taken out. I've been trying to do it for three years, and I never had a day off in three years."

Don't feel too bad for the babe—she gets to indulge in some very nonactress behavior while bedridden. "The upside is all I'm allowed to eat is ice cream!" squealed Soph, über-excited to scarf down the sugary snack food. "So I can sit on the couch and eat Häagen-Dazs."

Every stick-thin starlet in T-town should get their tonsils out—it's the only way they'll be forced to eat anything.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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