Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Steven Fenn/ABC

Do bicycles have something against our morning-TV personalities?

First Today's Matt Lauer gets toppled, and now The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

The controversial cohost was attempting to hail a taxi when a delivery bike slammed into her, she recalled on Wednesday's show. Thankfully, she was unscathed—she's several months pregnant—and, she said, "somebody got their pizza or burger on time, because that guy was in a rush."

In addition to sharing the incident with Viewers, the opinionated talker twittered about her experience (and showed off her capitalization issues).

"was hit by a bike today on a sidewalk ... thankfully the belly is ok. wondering how many other new yorkers have had the same thing happen ..." A few hours later, she added, "apparently, almost everyone in this city has been hit by a bike at some point. ONLY IN NYC!"

Memo to Rachael Ray: Heads up.

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