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DWTS' Gilles Marini Explains Memory Loss

DWTS, Gilles Marini, Cheryl Burke ABC/KELSEY MCNEAL

Dancing With the Stars frontrunner Gilles Marini has a good excuse for why he didn't remember his Monday-night jive routine until the 11th hour. It was the cortisone shot!

We'll let Gilles explain...

"They shot cortisone, and then after two weeks I have to take a lot of medicine," Gilles tells E! News backstage after tonight's elimination show (bye-bye, Steve-O). Of course, Gilles is talking about his shoulder injury, which he will undergo surgery for once the show ends. "[Cortisone] makes me a little drowsy, so I can't remember the steps."

That might just explain how the fan and judge favorite and his partner, Cheryl Burke, slipped from first place down to third this week. Cheryl, meanwhile, offers up a possible explanation for the hunky dancer's separated shoulder and why past partners have been injured: "I think they just don't listen to me. I say not to overextend their arms and they don't listen to me."

As for tonight's booted boogier, Steve-O, he couldn't have taken the bad news better. "It was awesome," he tells us. "I got to stick around as long as Cloris Leachman. Who's the real champion? I got cookies at the end."

He adds, "It's been an experience that allowed me to grow; it actually forced me to grow. I feel like a better person than I was when I first started."

Awww. Dance on Steve-O. Dance on.

Do you think Gilles will make it through the rest of the season with his injury? Are you sad to see Steve-O and all his goofiness go? Comment below.

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