Nicollette Booted for Good; Cast Told to Shut Up

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    Nicollette Sheridan
    Nicollette Sheridan Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

    Meow, Nicollette Sheridan got a bit catty when talking to TV Guide about her departure from Desperate Housewives, which we first told you about, like, forever ago.

    "[Killing off Edie] was a risky decision that could have devastating ramifications," N.S. pouted to the rag. Well, some castmates don't totally see it that way. And Marc Cherry, who has a major history of reportedly being less than thrilled with Nic's diva behavior, isn't exactly shedding tears for Sheridan.

    "We will find a new kind of sexiness coming through Wisteria Lane," Marc sassed back to the magazine.

    Also snitty is ABC, which shot 'round communications to the entire cast, including Sheridan, recently that they were not to be discussing anything regarding the show or cast with, well, anybody like me (however, a few corporate-sanctioned quotes to ass-kissing TV Guide were encouraged).

    Uh, didn't work in the first place, and isn't working now:

    "The whole cast was told to shut up," revealed an inside Housewives hon. "You should have seen the emails." The boob-tube know-it-all also added that Nicollette's firing wasn't just about her.

    Oh, really? Do tell!

    "ABC wanted money cut from the show," continued Deep Desperate. "So it was either [Nicollette] or several smaller roles, like the gay guys."

    Hmmm. This money stuff is kinda old news as Awful spilled those economical beans ages ago, too. Just glad to know—for now—our beloved Susan's safe.

    I mean, ya always gotta have a bitch around to hate, right?

    Oh, and don't hold your breath for Edie to make it through her electrocution alive. Like, at all. Other insiders insist there is no chance Nicollette will be coming back to D.H., something that actually wasn't set in stone until recently.

    Clearly, she's been informed of this, which is why she's now running her mouth about being written out of the script. Something she was not the first to be informed about.

    Poor N.S., looks like she's going to have to resort to making out with people even less famous than David Spade now that she's joining Lindsay Lohan in the unemployment line.

    Do you all think the show will be better without her? We do not.

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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