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    Tori Spelling Has "No Relationship" With Mom Candy

    Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling Angela Weiss/Getty Images, John M. Heller/Getty Images

    "We currently don't have a relationship."

    Tori Spelling couldn't shut up about how she didn't want to talk about her mom at the book launch bash of her new parental tome at BondSt Beverly Hills. Your book's called Mommywood, for crying out loud, Tor, can't blame us for asking about your own mommy issues.

    Candy was, as expected, MIA at the fete, but babe's got her own damn book, Candy Land, to promote! Plus, her daughter wants nothing to do with her anymore, despite Candy's blogging efforts at reconciliation.

    So is Tori gonna take up her mom's request for communication or what? Tori tells it to us straight:

    "She needs to reach out to me, not the public. She knows how to reach me," said Tori, quite icily.

    Didn't Cand-hon mention in her Michael Lohan-style shout-out that you aren't returning her calls? What's a celebrity mother to do? Actually drive on down to your house and ring the bell? Please!

    So, Tori, any fond memories of the mansion ya wanna share before your mom sells it? And what should Candy do if no one forks over her heavy asking price?

    "I lived there when I was 17—I only lived there for two years. I hope she sells it. I want her to sell it! There's a time and place for everything in your life. Without my dad [Aaron] there, it's not the right place for my mom."

    What would be the right place for Candy to settle down in? Your pool house? C'mon and make up, already!

    Those two tots need a grandma, and you gals can always collaborate on another book about bygones being bygones. Everyone wins!

    —Additional reporting by Becky Bain