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    Circus Coming to Court? Lawyer Wants Britney to Testify

    Britney Spears Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

    Britney Spears could be forced back into the legal zone.

    Jon Eardley, who once tried to break Spears out of her father-controlled conservatorship supposedly at her behest, has asked a judge to require the songbird to take a time-out from her Circus tour and testify in court. Eardley is currently the target of a restraining order filed by the conservatorship.

    Per court documents obtained by E! News, Eardley says that with the "Blackout" singer performing at L.A.'s Staples Center this Thursday and Friday, she should be required to show up and testify on the validity of her allegations against him.

    "If Britney Spears is well enough to put on two concerts in Los Angeles she is certainly well enough to attend a trial where attorneys on her behalf have falsely accused Jon Eardley of harassment," the petition states.

    Specifically, the attorney is demanding Spears address two issues: whether or not she authorized him to take legal action to block the conservatorship, and whether he caused her "substantial emotional distress."

    Should the Britster not be able to show up for any reason, Eardley is seeking an order forcing her to submit to an oral deposition "at a location of her choosing" to answer questions pertaining to those two points.

    If the Oops! girl's unable to make herself available in any way but is willing to stipulate that she did not suffer substantial emotional distress due to Eardley's conduct, court papers said he'd withdraw his subpoena.

    Team Spears has previously claimed that after her onetime manager Sam Lutfi brought Eardley in to act as her counsel, she never knew the legal eagle nor acknowledged him working for her.