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    Rob and Nikki So Not “Dating”

    Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson George Pimentel/Getty Images

    We’ve already pointed out some weird crap that’s been going on in the coverage of the possibly together costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. So we can’t say that we’re surprised at the latest rumor surrounding the sought-after heartthrob.

    Life & Style is reporting that Rob is “back” with New Moon costar Nikki Reed. Apparently, the two shacked up together after a party in Vancouver, causing N.R. to catch a later-than-anticipated flight to L.A.

    We’re calling total bull on this one, folks.

    Maybe the two cutie-pies did hang out, but we’ll put money on the fact that it was totally not Twilight-worthy heart-wrenching love stuff. After all, Nikki and Kristen are BFF’s, right?

    More than one very good chum to Nik and Kris is adamantly refuting any Rob-Nikki romance. We’re told a serious relationship between N and R does not exist. “I get why people would think that. Let’s just say it’s convenient for a lot of people to pair Rob in the media up with Nikki, Natalie Portman, Paris, whoever to get the heat off him and Kristen.”

    Another Twilight know-it-all sniffed: “Well, let’s just say Nikki likes this stuff out there more than Rob does, who really just f--ks whoever he wants—and he does.”

    So interesting! Our dirty minds can’t help but wonder if there’s a good reason to get the heat off R ‘n’ K.  Or is that all total crap like one of our usually fave gossipers, Lainey, is dishing. This babe loves to call out people’s bull (it’s why we heart her); we just don’t get why she and many others are getting sucked into this Nikki and Rob romance.

    Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of things to come.

    Oh, and a P.S. If you’re one of these folks lovin’ the “conspiracy” crap, then check this out. Same taxi ride in which Rob and K were pictured out together, but why is there a black blob Photoshopped out in the paparazzi pics?

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder