Jake Gyllenhaal


Every H'wood starlet on the scene seems to schlep along her pooch in an oversize Louis Vuitton purse, which is the lamest way to be an animal lover. Dog-owning dudes, like Jakey G. with his German shepherd, know how to do dog walking right—side by side, like amigos.

Too bad animals can't ride bikes or hold a cup of coffee in their paws, or Jake would probably hang with Atticus more than Reese.

Check out our Man's BFF Gallery to see all types of H'wood hunks stepping out with their canine companions, including a friendly pit bull named Sugar posing with all sorts of male celebs, like Luke Wilson and Chris Rock, on the set of the upcoming flick Death at a Funeral.

Li'l Sug's being fostered at the moment, but needs something more permanent, so if you're interested in adopting this precious pup after flipping through our gallery, contact Marysia and give a sweet thang like Sugar a home, 'K?