Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson

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Sounds like Lindsay Lohan is dealing with a real life Mean Girls situation.

Sources confirm to E! News that LiLo was indeed denied entry Friday night into the launch party hosted by girlfriend Samantha Ronson's sister, Charlotte, for her JCPenney clothing line. (Samantha also deejayed the bash.)

But E! News has also learned the couple later reunited at an afterparty in a room at the Chateau Marmont. The party drama outside Bar Marmont was just the latest battle in an ongoing feud between Lohan and the Ronson family, as well as several anti-SamRo pals, including Nicole Richie.

Despite photos and video circulating online of the locks being changed at the home Ronson shares with Lohan, sources close to the actress insist that as of Sunday the couple had not broken up.

Instead, insiders say the pair recently have been fighting over efforts by Ronson's friends and family, particularly mom Ann and sister Charlotte, to convince Sam part to ways with her ladylove.

"A posse of people have been pushing her to leave Lindsay since day one," says a source. "They make Lindsay out to Sam to be an outcast and a bully, or a wacko."

The "smear campaign," as one Lohan source describes it, is apparently taking a toll on Lohan.

"She's in love with Samantha and cries every day over some 'friend' of Sam's who tells her lies to get her to not trust or love her. Samantha has been put in a position of consistently having to choose a dinner without Lindsay or not going at all. Their childish games are pathetic and all mean-spirited."

Although many of Ronson's inner circle believe the tabloid-magnet Lohan is too much trouble for the high-priced DJ, a source close to the couple tells E! News that Lohan is often the one keeping a troubled Ronson living healthy and protected from her own family pressures.

"Lindsay's the one who reminds Samantha to eat, makes sure she rests, goes to the doctor, gets massages for her arthritis, packs her bag with her Sudafed when she travels, encourages her to write and sing and tells her every day how beautiful she really is."

One source says it's exactly the kind of support Samantha doesn't get enough of from her own family. "Mark never supports her music, and it makes her cry," says the source. "Charlotte makes Samantha chase her all over town and says 'Don't bring Lindsay,' and her mother tells her she's too skinny, looks like a bum and doesn't make enough money."

Upset over her diss at the hands of the Ronsons, Lohan, who saw Samantha later the night of the Bar Marmont incident, has been spending time with her mom, Dina, and sister, Ali, at her own home in the Hollywood Hills.

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