Gisele Bundchen, Bridget Moynahan

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We were wondering how long it was going to take for a Bridget Moynahan response to Gisele Bündchen lounging around naked in Vanity Fair, talking about how it feels like she birthed her husband's ex-lover's son herself:

"I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent," the Brazilian model said in the mag.

And two days later, we have our answer. Team Moynahan has retaliated via Page Six, where a "close pal" talks some serious trash...

"If Gisele loved Bridget's child like he was '100 percent her own,' then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom's virtues, as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever."

Fair enough, that does seem pretty uncool of them.

"Don't you think Jack [Bridget and Tom's son] will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother?" the friend continues to rant. "Is she is so desperate for attention that she can't find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget's child?"

Ouch! It's pretty hard to recover from being called an attention whore. Plus, Gisele and Tom were very private about their wedding, so that's not entirely accurate. And so the source resorts to making fun of Gisele's English (and/or lack of maternal instinct): "Hey Gisele—real mothers don't call their kids 'it.' "

We can just imagine Gisele's response:

Gisele Bundchen, V Magazine

Mario Testino/V Magazine

Butt out, "close pal"! Kiss my ass! (Yeah, pretty bad, but you get the point.)

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