I know it may be hard to believe, but Robert Pattinson isn't only about bloodsucking and fangs.

Before Twilight and New Moon, our fave movie vampire made the indie comedy How to Be...

How To Be

How To Be Films

Pattinson stars in the quirky flick as Art, a twentysomething young man who moves in with his parents after being dumped by his girlfriend. Feeling he's hit an all-time low—he works in a supermarket and an assisted-living home—Art ends up hiring a live-in self-help guru.

Art is is also a struggling musician so it's no wonder Pattz is featured on the movie's 23-track soundtrack. He sings not one, but three songs.

The movie, which has been making the rounds of the film festival circuit with appearances by Pattinson and director Oliver Irving, will be released through IFC Festival Direct on April 29.

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