Lindsay Lohan's latest film isn't quite going straight to video, but it isn't exactly headed to the local multiplex either.

The troubled starlet's long-gestating Labor Pains got a due date...on basic cable.

While some may think getting to see LiLo's latest outing for free may be a worse fate than the instant-DVD treatment, appearing on ABC Family—home to the impressively rated Secret Life of the American Teenager and Greek—may actually offer the film a wider audience and greater commercial potential.

Labor Pains, which costars SNL's Chris Parnell and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines, will first crown on ABC Family in July. And, just in case the family is on summer vacation, the laugher will hit video stores the following month. The Millennium Films production will eventually play in theaters internationally, however.

Somehow, playing a secretary who fakes a pregnancy in order to keep her job in a film that's debuting on television doesn't exactly fit with the goals La Lohan shared with E! News earlier this week. If the trailer and her Fornarina commercial are any indication, at least she can bank on the "sicko fans" tuning in.

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