Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson

DZILLA/bauergriffinonline.com, Andy Johnston/INFphoto.com

You probably knew that New Moon's wows-ville wolfboy Jacob, Taylor Lautner, lops off his locks for the Twilight sequel. Well, catch a first glance at his less-is-more look on the Vancouver set (above). Cue the wolf whistles! He's clearly a cutie.

But the shorn-mellon motif is obviously a trend, what with bat-tastic Rob Pattinson going the same short-and-sweet route recently. Hmmm, he also cleans up quite nicely.

Conundrum! Which of our yummy youngsters gets your blood pumping hotter? Take the poll below to let us know who how you feel?

Getting a Little Trim
Which Twilight hunk looks hotter in his close-cropped haircut?
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