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Heroes Redux: The Ice Queen Cometh

Ali Larter John Shearer/Getty Images

Well, well, well...

On tonight's all-new installment of Heroes, the identity of Rebel was revealed.

A missing maiden was rescued by a man who loved her.

And an ice queen used her frigid power to strike a blow against evil and protect a brave little kid.

Good stuff, indeed, thanks in no small part to return of Bryan Fuller to the writers' room at Heroes. The Pushing Daisies writer scripted this all-new ep, and it definitely had that Fuller gloss! What else went down and what's to come? Read on...

What We Learned

Wait, Matt Can Fly? Whoo! Our dear Brea Grant returned tonight (with extremely fabulous hair and makeup, no less). And while she's been sprung from Hero Jail by Matt Parkman, she's not out of the woods yet. Luckily for us fans, her ongoing state of unconsciousness was a golden opportunity for a little romance. Was there a Heroes watcher anywhere who wasn't muttering to him or herself, "Wait, what scene did I miss while I was getting snacks? Matt can fly?" Too bad it was all a dream, but even then, Matt and Daphne floating through the Paris night sky in happy romantic bliss is a definite candidate for any Heroes' loveliest moments list.

Hello Again: Aww, it was great to see Ali Larter and Noah Gray-Cabey sharing scenes again, and it must have been nice for the actors as well. And Micah is this show's taller ghost, Walt! He is giant now, and he has some wicked powers. As predicted by so many of you, Micah is Rebel, and with his assistance, Tracy froze some soldiers and then, uh, died! (Is it just me or are you waiting for the arrival of Barbara, the third triplet of the set that already yielded Niki and Tracy?)

Yuk It Up: Many kudos to Masi Oka and James Kyson Lee for making the baby storyline actually funny instead of totally hammy. That said, where do you stand on "Heroes change the world, not diapers"? Is that hilarious or just cheesy?

What's To Come

Greg Grunberg spilled some good scoop at the Heroes wrap party. Apparently, "Someone is dying at the end of the season, and it's going to be for real. They will not be coming back. And it's not me. That I will tell you."

And the Hunter/Danko storyline reaches its natural conclusion in what sounds like a chilling turn of events: the establishment of what Grunny calls a "concentration camp" for Heroes. He says, "They built that in the snow, all of those bunkers. It's very creepy and it's very cool. They torch the place."

What did you think of tonight's all-new Heroes? Post in the comments!

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—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams



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