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Major House Death Is Coming

House, Robert Sean Leonard, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jacobson, Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Kal Penn, Jesse Spencer Joseph Viles/FOX, Timothy White/FOX

 A main character will die this season.

This is the news I'm now hearing from reliable sources on House, that one of the castmembers will be written out before the current season ends.

And trust me, it will shock the pants off of you. (Assuming you wear pants.)

So who will it be?

Obviously, we can't come right out and report who will die because that would spoil a major plot point that will serve as the climax of the season. And honestly, it is far too good to spoil!

However, I can tell you:

  1. It's not the most likely candidate—not by a long shot.
  2. It's not someone who has been rumored to be leaving.
  3. It is someone who will shock you.
  4. How it happens will take you completely by surprise.
  5. There is no lead-up to this death, it just...happens.

As House boss Katie Jacobs told us recently: "I think our cast will look pretty much the same next season." The emphasis there is on pretty much, and it's my understanding that it will be just one castmember to leave. Everyone else will be back in the fall.

Now you know what comes next, right? You all get to do your best sleuthing to figure out which character is getting killed off...then keep watching House on Fox on Monday nights to see how totally wrong you are.

Sorry if that sounds snarky, but I just don't think you'll figure this one out...It is just that surprising! And it will be some seriously awesome TV.

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