•  I Love You, Man costars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel behave like 9-year-old boys. You there, laughing with them, are doing the same. (Don't worry, we are, too.)

•  Jennifer Aniston is narrating a children's book with her father, but wants to make sure you know that it has nothing to do with any possible baby lust she may or may not have.

•  The Wrestlemania fisticuffs between Mickey Rourke and Chris Jericho may happen after all…at least if the real-life wrestler's fightin' words are any indication.

•  Audrina Patridge may be a Sorority Row killer, but the trailer for her new flick looks totally fun. Too bad the same can't really be said for Hilary Duff's Greta.

•  Joe Jonas pulls a Miley Cyrus. Oy.

•  Dear Ava Phillippe: Naming your pet pig Booker T. Washington and keeping mommy Reese Witherspoon away from pork makes you a pretty darn smart 9-year-old (unlike those stinky boys at the top of this column). Love, Rise 'n' Shine

The Big Picture gallery: finger (and lolly) lickin' good!

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