Attention Fringe fans: We're off to see the Wizard!

As Joshua Jackson explains in the exclusive interview above, Walter Bishop "is the Wizard of Oz." (Seriously...would you be shocked to see flying monkeys on Fringe?)

In the remaining episodes of season one (which start airing on Fox on April 7), we'll learn more about the nature of Peter's mysterious "medical condition," what William Bell knows about Olivia and the gang, and a few childhood secrets that will affect the Fringe family for a long time to come. Yep, Fringe is fully over the rainbow, so brace yourself for more talking tin men, sedative poppy fields and the aforementioned flying monkeys. (Come on, like it's such a leap from that giant airplane hedgehog to chimps with wings?)

Want to see more of the wonderful, wonderful things he does? Click in for a sexy new Fringe promo...

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