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    A-Rod's Artsy, Angsty Details Photo Shoot

    alex rodriguez, Details Magazine Steven Klein/ Details Magazine

    What's more disturbing than one A-Rod? Two A-Rods loving on each other. The baseball player who always seems to be in trouble (be it steroids or Madonna or wife-cheating) is on the cover of April's Details, where he rolls up his sleeves, sucks in his cheeks and tries to set the record straight one awkward photo at a time.

    And we really do have to rely on the photos since he doesn't give the interviewer much to work with, except one Madonna quote:

    "Well, we're friends...I have a lot of respect for her. She's very smart and she's passionate about everything she does. If there ever was any situation, she's a great ear to have, you know?"

    As for why he's always at the center of all kinds of scandal, he offers this...

    "We live in a world right now where everyone's keeping score. And it doesn't stop when the games end...They've crossed over. And you have the Internet stuff, and all these phones...It's very intense."

    How will A-Rod ever be able to stay out of trouble with so many phones around? He probably won't and obviously feels very defeated about that (cry break). Even the magazine's writer Jason Gay feels bad enough for the struggling baseball star to consult a crisis-management expert, who offers A-Rod this image-fixing advice:

    "No posing next to private jets and Rolls-Royces. No Madonna. No strippers. No asinine behavior. It's not easy to dodge these temptations—they're why people want to be rich and famous in the first place."

    He should probably add awkward, faux-artsy photo shoots to that list.

    alex rodriguez, Details Magazine Steven Klein/ Details Magazine