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Finally. After months of speculation, this Thursday we'll learn exactly what is wrong with Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Isobel Stevens, aka Katherine Heigl, aka..."George Clooney."

Yes, you heard that right. George Clooney!

According to Grey's star Justin Chambers, that's the fun little nickname he and his costars have given Heigl, since she is "the movie star." Does that mean she's also becoming an ex-TV star? Is someone finally spilling the beans that Katherine is leaving for good?

Read on for what Justin has to say, what our medical experts (yes, we're fancy!) insist will be Heigl's diagnosis this Thursday and a whole heap of exclusive scoop on favorites like Gossip Girl (Chuck and Blair!), Lost (Sawyer and Kate!), Desperate Housewives (girl on girl!) and more...

Marlene in London: Is Izzie going to die on Grey's Anatomy?

Justin Chambers (Alex) tells us the Grey's cast has four more episodes left to shoot of the current season but insists that he and his costars are still in the dark as to whether Katherine and T.R. Knight will leave the show. "I really don't know," he tells us. "I don't think so, but that's kind of between their managers and them, the writers and producers. But we sure love having them on the set. They're great to work with. It's a huge, successful show, and they're a big part of the success. Hopefully they'll stay."

Marco in Orlando, Fla.: What does Izzie's illness mean for Alex?
Um, Emmy? Could be. From what I hear, Justin/Alex has some pretty gripping material up ahead. (And of course, if it's anything like Heigl's storyline with Denny, you will need a Costco-size crate of Kleenex!) "I know that Izzy's not doing well, and so I'm there to support her and hopefully it will all work out," Justin says. "There are trials and tribulations for all of the characters. It's good television."

Nelson22 in Irvine, Calif.: Does Izzie really have cancer?
Spoiler Alert! This Thursday, the interns discover what's wrong with "Patient X" (who is actually Izzie, or course), and according to Chambers, yes, it's the big dreaded C-word. I've also heard from some of you fans who happen to be members of the medical community, and Izzie's diagnosis doesn't sound pretty. Med student Tamara says: "It's not really a 'textbook tumor.' The Denny hallucinations are way too complex because they involve all five senses. If the disease has anything to do with that mole, then she has a malignant melanoma with brain metastasis, and that's bye-bye Izzie." A second fan who asked to be called simply "MD," agreed: "Izzie appears to have a malignant melanoma with metastasis to the brain." Breaking it down for you, that little mole is cancerous, and it's spread to her brain, and that is most likely lethal. We'll also possibly be meeting Izzie's mother (check spoiler section below).

Anoop Desai, American Idol Season 8

Frank Micelotta / FOX

Tiffany in Connecticut: Are we going to see major makeovers with the American Idol contestants now that we're in the top 13?
Yes. In fact, American Idol stylist Miles Siggins tells us that there will be "two major makeovers." Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver. "You should've seen how long it took us to persuade Anoop to wear that Polo shirt last Thursday," Miles tells us. "It was very adventurous for him. And Michael needs some help too. I'm going to help them look the best they can." Oil rigger Michael tells us he's up for the challenge: "I've been shopping a lot lately and trying to take my style more seriously. I was never a shopper before." Meanwhile, Idol makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy has some big plans in store for rocker Adam Lambert: "My goal is to tone Adam's makeup down. Instead of people paying attention to his song, they're like, 'Oh my God. He has so much bronzer on.' I'm going to help him with that." Yay for Wet Wipes!

Max in Charlotte, N.C.: Will Britney Spears be back on How I Met Your Mother?
Not during this season at least. Executive producer Carter Bays says, "We've made it a policy not to rule out anyone reappearing. I don't know if we can get Britney at this point. She was sort of well-known when we cast her, and we definitely gave her a leg up in the industry, and now I guess she's flourishing, and she's, I guess, famous. I don't know if we can even get her at this point."

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.

Mel in Salt Lake City: Anything on The Big Bang Theory?
Just that I checked in with show runner Bill Prady about reports of a multiseason pickup and he emailed back, "I think I can't confirm anything until the final details are worked out with CBS and Warner Bros. If it helps, I can tell you that I went out and bought one case of champagne and one of Maalox." Whoo, that helps a lot! Yay!

Georgie in Miami: I know Nip/Tuck won't be back again for a while, but do you know anything about the final season yet?
Yes, it won't be back until January 2010! In the mean time, Mario Lopez is returning during the first half of the season as one of our favorite nudie docs. Mario tells me, "Mike's a conservative, nice guy, but he gets involved with some racist stuff." Eek

Trevor in Wrightwood, Calif.: I'm still dying for Sons of Anarchy to come back! Any new developments on Tara and Jax?
Sons of Anarchy doesn't even start shooting again until mid-April, so very few storylines have been decided yet. However, I did see Katey Sagal (Gemma) at an Alzheimer's Association event last week, and she said this of season two: "I think that foremost in Gemma's mind is that baby. She will not lose her son for anything, so at the end of the day, she might realize that Jax is a little stronger than she thought he was, and she may find a way to have that be OK. Maybe Tara will be good for the baby."

Priscilla in Golden Valley, Nev.: Can you tell us anything about the new season of The Closer?
Stop the presses! I asked J.K. Simmons (Will Pope) what fans can expect from The Closer gang this year and he revealed: "People will be murdered, and we will catch the bad guys." I know, I can't believe he just volunteered that scoop either! (I tried. They start filming again this week though, so check back for more Closer goodness soon.)

Ed Helms, The Office

NBC/Chris Haston

Kyle in Irvine, Calif.: Hey Kristin, got any scoop on The Office?
As if you couldn't feel worse for Andy (Ed Helms) after Angela (Angela Kinsey) cheated on him, now we find out he's actually gone on his honeymoons. Poor guy even went to the happiest place on Earth! Check out the rest of Andy's trip on Angela and Andy's now-defunct wedding website.

Ben in Des Moines, Iowa: Any more Office scoop, Kristin?
Cosmopolitan magazine held its annual Fun Fearless Male Awards, and I was on hand to witness honoree Rainn Wilson's outrageous acceptance speech—check out at that link, and see for yourself that he jokingly tells Fun Fearless Female winner Ali Larter to suck it and makes a "that's what she said" joke! Plus, look for a new Watch With Kristin Show next Monday, packed with much more Rainn and Office silliness.

Mackenzie in St. Paul, Minn.: CSI: New York, please!
Melina Kanakaredes
(Stella) tells me: "I'm writing the 24th episode this season, the one right before the finale. I really enjoyed going into a different part of the business." Melina also told me that we should definitely expect to see the traditional CSI: NY finale cliffhanger.

Taylor in Marietta, Ga.: Kristin, you have to tell me, is Life on Mars actually canceled? Please put this on your blog or spoiler chat. It's my favorite show ever please please please answer!
Yes. I'm sorry, it's true. LOM is gone. I was really digging the addition of Maggie Siff to the cast, too. The good news is that producers will have time to write a full and satisfying conclusion to the series.


Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Lolla Rosa in Oklahoma City: Any new Grey's Anatomy news?
In the second-to-last ep of the season, we'll meet Ronnie, a "heartwarming" trailer-trash woman in her mid-to-late 40s, and the producers only want star names to play the part. Izzie famously grew up in a trailer park. Could this be her mother, come to Seattle to take her ailing daughter home? If so, whom do we want to play Izzie's mom? Name your favorite qualified actresses in the comments.

Antonia in Miami: Please, I need some Gossip Girl scoop on Blair and Chuck! And good news, too. I'm tired of the bad news.
I can offer you a little good news about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl, but unfortunately it's just a setup for the bad news. Nate notices that Chuck and Blair have a major bond (yay!), but that leads him to respond/retaliate by asking Blair to move in with him (boo!). However, there will be some upcoming Chair scenes for you kiddos, because Mr. and Mrs. Marvelous join forces to investigate Serena's new man, whom they both don't much like. At least it's something.

Belinda in Memphis, Tenn.: What's up with season three of Gossip Girl? Do we know anything yet?
I know that Blair gets into NYU and Nate gets into Columbia.

Cynthia in Seattle: Anything coming up with the Elle/Chuck storyline on Gossip Girl?
According to Kate French (Elle), "Elle kind of steals Chuck Bass' heart, and it gets really complicated, and he gets entangled in all of these webs of lies and different storylines that are going on. It's very mysterious." Hopefully Chuck won't be smitten for too long, but then again how can we blame him when Blair's about to go off and hook up with his BFF, Nate?

Cristina in Tallahassee, Fla.: Hi Kristin! Any scoop about Desperate Housewives?
As a matter of fact, little miss Swoosie Kurtz herself just filled me on a little secret about her March 15 D.H. episode. Swoosie spills, "Let me put it this way, I've never kissed a woman romantically before in my personal or professional life, but there's a first time for everything." Word is that Swoosie's character will mistake Susan's kindness for a come-on, and some lip-locking action may ensue. Juicy!

Lie To Me, Kelli Williams, Tim Roth

Adam Taylor/FOX

Michelle in Macomb, Mich.: Lie To Me is my favorite new show—and that's the truth! Got any scoop?
Lie to Me
moves from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m. starting this Wednesdays, and they're definitely celebrating the relocation with a sharp ep. We'll learn more about Gillian's past (she reveals a huge personal-life twist to a client), and Loker gives up his radical honesty schtick for a girl (who is not Torres, I might add).

Pamela in Georgetown: The hostage situation on 24 is pretty intense. How long will they drag it out?
Don't worry, you won't have to wait much longer to get some resolution. Executive producer Howard Gordon tells me, "We've done a few of them over the years, and they tend to be fairly static affairs. There's only so much mileage you can get out of them. It was something we considered playing longer in, and we only played it as long as we felt we could. It really doesn't amount to a standoff, so it doesn't last more than a couple of episodes."

Melora in Vincennes, Ind.: Supernatural!
1. If you've got Q's for Castiel (Misha Collins), email tvdiva@eonline.com. 2. I'm hearing the finale is nothing but jaw-dropping twists and that (at long last) the climactic final battle is here. And you know the climactic final battle is Sam vs. Dean, right? Expect that fight to last through the end of the season and possibly through the beginning of season five.

Alexandra in Lynchburg, Va.: Thanks for including all three Scotts in the Alpha Male Madness tournament. I'm personally working hard to take down Dan Scott. Now give me One Tree Hill scoop, woman!
OK, but only because you're gunning for TV's "man most in need of a beatdown!" Anyhoo, look for Nick Lachey and Julian to come to blows, and Skills is getting a new girl! He moves on from Nanny Deb to Jamie's teacher (Allison Munn, whom you might remember as Amanda Bynes' character's BFF on What I Like About You).

India in Cape Coral, Fla.: Make like Lois Lane and gimme some Smallville scoops!
You know that Doomsday guy? He's getting worse. Later this season on Smallville, Davis takes Oliver and Jimmy captive, but methinks Clark Kent might intervene with some timely day saving.

Lost, Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell


Sydney in Hollister, Calif.: Kristin! I need some serious solace! As an avid Skater I've been at a loss for what to think this season. Jack and Kate? Sawyer and Juliet? Please tell me that all will be right in the world again when Sawyer is reunited with his true love, Freckles!
Hoping this will help: In this week's Lost  podcast, Josh Holloway talks about his messy love quadrangle on the Island. After conning his way into New Otherton Josh says, "He's actually found a life that is more fulfilling than any of his past adult life, so it's become his reality. The con has become the reality that is a better reality than reality." Were any of you following that? Does this mean Sawyer and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) are going to stay together in Dharmaville? Josh adds, "When he jumped out of the helicopter, that was his ultimate sacrifice to love." Loving which one? Hit the comments with your vote: Kate or Juliet.

Melissa in Tel Aviv, Israel: Thank you for the scoop on young Ben on Lost. Will he be interacting with "Jim LaFleur" and our other friends?
We asked Sterling Beaumon (young Ben) if he'd be working with any of the regular characters, and he said, "Uh, actually not exactly, and I'm not going to tell you who I worked with." Hmmm, at least that answers the question of how Ben didn't know the Losties from his youth. Oh, and Sterling also told us that there won't be any appearances by either his childhood sweetheart, Annie, or Ben's dead mother (played by Michael Emerson's real-life wife Carrie Preston).

Jeremy in Los Angeles: Any non-Balthazar-related scoop on Brothers & Sisters?
Looks like Tommy's not the only Walker bro whose marriage is in trouble. It seems Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) have to book appointments now if they want to, ahem, you know. Kevin misses one of his appointments when he hits Baja with the boys. Just don't mention to Scotty that a hot, half-naked shot stud was feeding Kevin tequila while he was there.

Ron in Elmira, N.Y.: Anything to look forward to on Heroes?
Tons of Sylar goodness on the way. His father, Mr. Gray (John Glover), is a creepy taxidermy-doing nutcase. He'd be cruising for a bruising from his son Gabriel, except he's already kind of wrecked. In fact, Mr. Gray seems to be dying.

Bones, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz

Mark Lipson/FOX

Jessica in Millbrae, Calif.: Where's the Bones scoop you promised us?
Sorry, sorry! Just haven't had time to write it up yet, but to tide you over until we can get up the full post, the highlights are these: Producers are planning to bring Zack (Eric Millegan) back for the season finale—the script and deal aren't done, but plans are firmly in the works. The season-ending sex scene is not a hallucination. And season five will be all about the consequences of having sex, which just might mean Booth-Bones babies. Can you believe it?

Mara in Chicago: Loving CSI this year, any scoop?
season nine is turning out to be ridiculously good, especially for a show of such, uh, advanced age. The second-to-last ep of the season is titled "Reflections," in a nod to Marg Helgenberger's old series China Beach, and features a flashback to baby CSI Catherine Willows when she was just starting out in the forensics business and still getting guff from grubby old cops. Can't wait!

Matthew in Indianapolis: Anything else coming up on CSI: NY?
This Wednesday's CSI: NY finally puts Adam Ross right in the action! A.J. Buckley tells us, "This week's episode is really big for me. I'm out of the lab, and I kind of do some heroic things. I actually did my own stunts! I get janked on the table, and it's a big mess!"

Mark in Dallas: Hey Kristin, any scoop on Reaper?
Tyler Labine swung by the G4 set to appear on Attack on the Show (here in our E! building). On his way (OK, maybe I was stalking), he told me that the love Sock has for his stepsister gets "really steamy." Ewww? Yay? What say we?

Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan

USA/Glenn Watson

Leslie in McMinnville, Ore.: Love, love, loved the Burn Notice finale! Got any scoop on next season?
No official word yet on if John Mahoney will be back, but my Magic 8-Ball says, "Signs point to yes." In other news, Michael's about to get another foxy lady nemesis. The show is now casting for a Miami detective who thinks Michael is a criminal. Burn Notice has had Stacy Haiduk, Dina Meyer and Tricia Helfer, so obviously this role needs to go to another sci-fi babe. Any suggestions? (Do you think Brigid Brannagh can get some time off from Army Wives? Felicia Day?)

Cecily in Portland, Ore.: Any scoop on the actual Arrested Development movie plotline?
E!'s Michael Yo caught up with Portia De Rossi on the set of her new show, Better Off Ted, where he asked her point-blank if there would be a Michael (Jason Bateman) and Lindsay hookup. Portia says, "Oh we're not siblings anymore!? That's weird. I don't know about that. That's creepy." Even though sibling hookups are all the rage (see Brothers & Sisters), don't get your hopes up for a Bluth coupling.

Maren in Arcadia, Calif.: My Boys is coming back! Scoop please!
Early this season the boys will go on a stakeout to figure out who P.J. (Jordana Spiro) is dating. Little do they know...Oh I can't finish that sentence. Sorry! Also, look for Brendan's (Reid Scott) bar plans to finally go into action. He just has to come up with a name. Any suggestions? I'm hanging out with the cast tonight, so send your questions to tvdiva@eonline.com.

Nadine in Sioux Falls, S.D.: Hi, Kristin! What's happening on The Big Bang Theory?
Looks like the boys are getting a hot new neighbor upstairs, and Penny is none too thrilled about it! Valerie Azlynn, a familiar face from appearances on fellow CBS shows The Ex List, Cold Case and Rules of Engagement, is moving in, and the guys are instantly smitten. But Kaley Cuoco (Penny) tells me there's more to her than meets the eye. "Penny's not thrilled at first because the guys are ignoring her, but there's a little bit of a shift in the story where she knows something is off with this girl, and she ends up being right." There's really only room on the show for one hot girl anyway!

—Additional reporting by Jen Godwin, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters

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