In the trailer for Public Enemies, Johnny Depp plays Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger while modeling fedoras, tommy guns and one of those little caterpillar mustaches that are only adorable on someone who already looks like Johnny Depp.

Aided and abetted in acting by Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard and Billy Crudup (who delivers his lines with an impressively old-fashioned newsreel voice), Depp's Robin Hood-style gangster makes unauthorized withdrawals from fat-cat bankers, wins the support of the working man and spends quality time with a gorgeous gun moll. Works for us.

Our only concern? The trailer seems weirdly contemporary with its thumping music and lack of period-piece gravitas you expect with movies about a bygone time. Do you have a problem with that—or would you pretty much watch Depp and Bale do anything together and be happy?

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